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Jan 07, 2020

1.Does Tremella contain collagen?

There are many types of cosmetic raw materials, and the cosmetic raw materials used by different cosmetic processing plants are also different. Tremella Fuciformis Extract are the most popular raw materials used in current skin care products. Among them, the products produced by using Tremella fuciformis are also relatively extensive and are increasingly accepted by consumers. So how much do you know about cosmetic raw materials such as Tremella fuciformis? The following is a small editor of cosmetics processing manufacturers to explain to you.

2.Where does Tremella Fuciformis Extract come from?

Tremella Fuciformis Extract, also known as white fungus and snow fungus, is known as the "crown of fungi". Tremella is the fruit body of the fungal plant fungus Tremella. Tremella is composed of many thin and pleated flat petals, generally chrysanthemum-like or chicken crown-shaped, 5-10 cm in diameter, soft and white, translucent, flexible. Tremella contains more colloids and can absorb a lot of water. After drying, it is strongly horny, hard and brittle, white or beige, and it can return to its original state after absorbing water. Like other "mountain treasures", Tremella is not only a treasure on the table, but also a well-known medicine in the treasure house of medicine. The good quality is called snow fungus. Tremella is rich in gum, multivitamins and 17 amino acids and glycogen. Tremella contains an important organic phosphorus, which has the function of eliminating muscle fatigue. It is not only a valuable nutritional tonic, but also a tonic and strong tonic. The royal aristocrats of all ages regarded Tremella as "the product of prolonging life" and "the medicine of immortality".

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3.What are the main ingredients of Tremella Fuciformis Extract?

Tremella Fuciformis Extract. It contains protein, fat, and various amino acids, minerals, and liver sugar. Tremella protein contains 17 kinds of amino acids, which can be provided by 3/4 of Tremella fuciformis, which is necessary amino acid for human body. Tremella also contains a variety of minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, etc. Among them, the content of calcium and iron is very high. In every 100 grams of Tremella, it contains 643 mg of calcium and 30.4 mg of iron. In addition, Tremella contains liver sugars such as trehalose, pentose, and mannitol. It has a high nutritional value, has a righting and strengthening effect, and is an advanced nourishing supplement. Modern medical research has confirmed that the pharmacologically effective ingredient of Tremella is Tremella polysaccharide: mainly composed of acid polysaccharides, neutral heteropolysaccharides, and acid oligosaccharides. Tremella polysaccharide has obvious antioxidative effect, and has the effect of enhancing human cellular immunity and humoral immunity.

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4.What is the skin care effect of Tremella Fuciformis Extract?

1. Tremella fungus extract has the effect of smoothing skin texture;

2. Tremella fuciformis extract has super moisturizing effect;

3. Tremella fuciformis extract can condition the complexion and smoothness of the skin;

4. Tremella fuciformis extract is highly permeable, easy to absorb and can nourish the skin comprehensively;

5. Tremella fuciformis extract is safe and mild to all skin types (including sensitive skin types).

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