Do you know the difference between ginger powder and ginger extract?
May 09, 2019

According to customs export data, the export value of plant extracts in ginger extract ranks in the top 50. The names of the exported goods are mainly ginger powder, ginger extract,gingerol and ginger flavonoids.


Ginger powder

Ginger powder or dried ginger powder mainly refers to dried ginger after grinding and sifting, mainly three points.

ginger powder

1. Drying method: Fresh ginger contains a lot of valuable volatile oil, so it is best to dry in the shade. Other methods, such as heating and blowing, can result in more severe volatile oil loss.

2. The number of screens, because the original powder is crushed with plant material, it contains a lot of wood fiber, it is not easy to screen, usually every manufacturer has 20-60 mesh, please pay attention to this when making product information.

3. Solubility of raw material powder: The raw material powder contains a large amount of wood fiber, so there is turbidity in an aqueous solution or an alcohol solution, and a large amount of fiber floating matter or sediment. The aqueous solution is usually a float and the alcohol solution is usually a precipitate.

Ginger extract

 ginger extract includes a water-soluble ratio extract, an alcohol-soluble ratio extract, and a content extract. Here are introduced ginger essential oil, ginger oleoresin and gingerol.

Ginger essential oil has a unique ginger aroma and other chemical ingredients. Easy to use, it can be stored for a long time. This process is usually steam distillation followed by static stratification or low polar solvent extraction, and other essential oils are usually produced in the same manner.

Ginger essential oil

Ginger oleoresin is a dark brown viscous liquid extracted or obtained from ginger. It is a mixture of various chemical components.

ginger oleoresin

3. Gingerol is a high-boiling ginger oleoresin, a spicy ginger ingredient, a mixture of various substances, and its structure is found to be a 3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenyl functional group, which is attached by an aliphatic chain. The functional group R is different and can be classified into ginger phenol phenol (gingerol, shogaols, ketone (gingerone) ginger, ginger, gingerone (Gingerdiones), gingerol (gingerol) and the like.


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