Can MCT powder bulletproof coffee really lose weight?
Nov 18, 2019

1.Can MCT powder bulletproof coffee really lose weight?

If you are constantly concerned about losing weight, you should find that recently, a bulletproof coffee that claims to be able to lose weight has quietly ignited. Many people use it for meal replacement and find that the effect is quite good. There are such feedbacks, such as anti-hungry, refreshing, and quicker. Is this coffee really so amazing?


Through the ingredient list, it can be found that, without exception, a thing called "medium chain triglyceride" has been added. So what is medium chain triglyceride?


Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) is a kind of saturated fatty acid. It can be absorbed into the villi of small intestinal mucosa cells or enter the cells without digestion and absorption in the human body. The triglyceride is fast, and the produced medium-chain fatty acid does not need to be re-esterified to synthesize triglyceride in the intestinal cells, but directly enters the liver from the portal vein in the form of fatty acid, without the transfer of carnitine fatty acyltransferase directly into the liver cells for β oxidation. It is rapidly and efficiently decomposed in the liver to produce energy.


MCT can quickly supply energy to the body without accumulating fat accumulation in the body. However, excessive use can be quickly oxidized to produce more ketone bodies, causing nausea, facial flushing, thrombophlebitis, and changes in EEG.


Patients with diabetes, ketotoxicity, acidosis and cirrhosis should not be used in large quantities.


It can be seen that although medium-chain triglycerides have the effect of helping to lose weight, the risk cannot be ignored.


The nutrients of bullet-proof coffee are single, and people who lose weight for a long time as a meal replacement can easily lead to lack of nutrients, slow metabolism in the body, dim skin, and languidness, which are contrary to health.


Therefore, scientific weight loss must be based on protein, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and water and other nutrients, as appropriate, reduce energy intake, adjust the proportion of nutrients in production capacity, and with appropriate amount of exercise. Weight loss under the supervision of a nutrition professional can usually be done with less effort.

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