Bamboo Silica Benefits
Feb 18, 2022

Bamboo extract – also known as bamboo silica – has many benefits to both hair and skin.

Silica is a stunner upgrading mineral accepted to advance sparkling skin, prevalent nail assurance and more quick hair development with more gloss. With respect to skin, silica is essential for the ideal blend of collagen and for actuating hydroxylation compounds. Supporting your collagen organization will further develop your skin strength and versatility, and it is recommended that strands of hair with higher silicon content will quite often have a lower pace of dropping out and have more prominent brilliance. Your nails are likewise decidedly impacted by the presence of silica and collagen, and sound nails will help your appearance and forestall diseases.

Silica has been proven to benefit the health of our bones, hair, skin and nails. Human hair contains 90 micrograms of silica per every gram. Only our bones contain more of this mineral, and that is the reason why we must make sure we have enough of silica to have healthy bones and hair.

Bamboo Silica

Potential Benefits of Bamboo Silica

Upholds collagen creation adding to a really sparkling and better skin appearance

Further develops skin versatility

Fortifies bones

Builds connective tissue

Helps generally joint adaptability

Helps with forestalling hair diminishing

Supports hair development

Reduces dermatitis and psoriasis

Further develops hair condition and radiance

Secures and reinforces nails

Your body fights day by day aggravations and stress from the actual world and climate that you live in, frequently bringing about drained supplement levels that should be renewed. Protect yourself and reestablish your prosperity with the strong and inherent powers of Bamboo silica.

This data is planned for instructive and enlightening purposes as it were. It ought not be utilized instead of a singular interview or assessment or supplant the exhortation of your medical services proficient and ought not be depended upon to decide finding or course of therapy.

bamboo silica powder

Bamboo Silica Benefits for Hair

Taking a supplement like bamboo extract, which is rich in silica, can therefore help to maintain and support the natural production of collagen in your body.

This in turn supports skin and hair’s strength, minimizing brittleness and breakages.

To determine how silica fosters hair growth, you need to start at the root — literally. It’s been found to deliver essential nutrients to your scalp and hair follicles, according to a 2016 research reviewTrusted Source.

And while silica hasn’t been found to reverse hair loss, it may help prevent hair breakage. One 2007 studyTrusted Source involving 48 women with fine hair found that their hair strands were strengthened after taking 10 mg of silicon for 9 months.

Is Bamboo Silica good for you

Bamboo extracts also contain delicious antioxidants for your skin. If you don’t know, antioxidants help fight free radicals which cause premature wrinkles. Bamboo isn’t quite as potent when compared to antioxidant superstars like green tea. However, we’re not just here for antioxidants. Bamboo extract is a multitasker, so of course we have to go from smallest benefit to largest.

Next up: bamboo is full of natural silica, an essential mineral that promotes healthy skin and hair. In fact, it contains about 70% silica making it the richest natural source of this mineral. You know how children almost always have the silkiest, shiniest hair? It’s because children are full of silica. It’s also necessary for bone growth, which makes sense as to why kids have an abundance of it. The older we get, the less prominent it is in our bodies. In fact, the absence of silica is in direct correlation with our body’s aging process which includes the formation of wrinkles, loose skin, and fine lines. Of course, that’s an under-representation of all the factors that go into aging, but it’s important to know silica’s role.

So, bamboo extracts are great for your skin, wrinkles, and aging. Are there more benefits? You bet there are! Bamboo also has incredible healing properties. It contains methanol, a powerful healing agent that cleanses and promotes healing skin. Not only does it work with minor cuts or scrapes, but the beauty industry has taken this magical factor and ran with it. Practical and marketable, it’s no wonder bamboo has jumped to the top of the ranks.

bamboo silica supplement

Is Bamboo Silica Safe?

So bamboo silica is great even without its hair growth help capabilities, it’s good as a stand-alone skeletal supplement that effectively supports your overall health and that of your bones, while also increasing joint flexibility.

Bamboo extract for hair growth has more of the health-inducing active ingredient silica for good reason.

What is Bamboo Silica Good For?

Silica promotes healthy hair and nail growth. Hair is made up of 40% silica, and bamboo provides other essential vitamins as well.

Silica is a building block of collagen, a vital structural protein that our body uses to rejuvenate connective tissues like skin and joints. For this reason, bamboo tea can provide real relief from symptoms of arthritis.

Silica also prevents the absorption of aluminum in the digestive system. Aluminum has been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other serious health conditions.

In most cases, healthy people don’t need to add silica to their diets. But those who suffer from conditions like arthritis and need to fortify their joints and cartilage can really benefit from some extra silica. One or two cups of bamboo leaf tea per day should be sufficient to increase your silica levels.

Again, there are no dangers associated with bamboo leaves or the over-consumption of silica. If you love bamboo tea, you can drink it all day. You’re not going to overdose on silica.

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Does Bamboo Silica really work?

So bamboo silica is great even without its hair growth help capabilities, it’s good as a stand-alone skeletal supplement that effectively supports your overall health and that of your bones, while also increasing joint flexibility.

Bamboo extract for hair growth has more of the health-inducing active ingredient silica for good reason.

Does Bamboo Silica Grow Hair?

Bamboo Silica doesn't promote hair growth, but it does strengthen hair and prevent thinning. It does this by delivering essential nutrients to your hair follicles. As a bonus, it can also benefit your skin and nails.

Be sure to speak with your doctor before trying silica for hair loss. They can help determine whether it’s right for you and, if it is, prescribe the proper dosage.

How much Bamboo Silica should I take daily?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that you don't consume more than 10-30 grams, or 2% of your daily food intake (500-1,500 grams), of silica per day.

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