Application of curcumin in the cosmetics industry
Jun 04, 2019

Curcumin is a polyphenol structure, and its whitening effect may be the same as that of other plant polyphenols. However, its strong antioxidant capacity and ability to capture free radicals are the main basis for its whitening effect. In the practice of some beauty professional lines, the skin whiteness is significantly improved after two weeks of applying turmeric powder, milk and egg white, which can reduce red marks and acne marks, reduce hair and strengthen the influence of sunlight and environment on the skin. protection.


There are a large number of personal care products using turmeric on the market:

Turmeric root is used in cleaning products such as Kama Ayurveda Ubtan soap-free shower gel, containing oatmeal, turmeric root, eucalyptus and fenugreek, which can cleanse and soften the skin;

French SkeenVegeticals plant milk, containing turmeric roots, has a cleansing and purifying face.

Turmeric has the effect of diminishing the spots. Turmeric root is used in eye care products. For example, India's Khadisandal herbal facial products contain turmeric root, eucalyptus and mustard seeds, which can eliminate dark circles and have a moisturizing effect;

Japan's Clinique whitening products contain licorice, turmeric root and rice bran, which can moisturize and brighten the eye area;


French Lierac Eye Sunscreen contains eye sunscreen ingredients from turmeric root and jojoba oil.

Turmeric root is used in whitening products, such as the British Estee Lauder whitening skin care products containing mulberry, turmeric root and rice bran, can eliminate the spots brought by the years and make the skin brighter;

Japan's Shiseido Magical Shiny Powder (Brown) contains turmeric root extract, which has a concealing effect and brightens the skin.

 Each kind of cosmetics can't just be regarded as a single product. It actually combines many natural and healthy ingredients, including some food ingredients, to make its product positioning more accurate and more intensive.

For example, the Greek Korres Watermelon Light Moisturizing Cream contains watermelon, vanilla and turmeric root extracts to prevent photoaging, reduce erythema and provide antioxidant protection to the skin.

Japan's Origins Declaration Wood Youth Invincible Turmeric Root Lip Balm contains sesame seed oil and turmeric root extract, which has moisturizing and rejuvenating effects.


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