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Organic Grape Seed Extract Powder

Organic Grape Seed Extract Powder

Latin Name:Vitis Vinifera L
Appearance:Reddish Brown Fine Powder
Active Ingredients:Polyphenols; OPC
Proanthocyanidins 95% UV
Polyphenols 80%, 85%, 90%, 95% UV
Water soluble Proanthocyanidins 95% UV
Proanthocyanidins/ Oligomers 95%UV/ 60%HPLC
Specification: OPC 95%;
Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;
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What is Organic Grape Seed Extract Powder?

There’s strong evidence that grape seed extract is beneficial for a number of cardiovascular conditions. Grape seed extract may help with a type of poor circulation (chronic venous insufficiency) and high cholesterol. Grape seed extract also reduces swelling caused by injury and helps with eye disease related to diabetes.

Many people are interested in grape seed extract because it contains antioxidants. These are substances that protect cells from damage and may help prevent many diseases.

Grapes are native to Asia and were later introduced to Europe and North America, where many red, green and purple varieties are now cultivated.

Organic grape seed extract powder has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. GSE is considered safe by the FDA and any serious side effects have not been reported.

Organic grape seed extract powder is an antioxidant that researchers support as boosting cardiac health. Proanthocyanidins are antioxidant compounds in grape seed extract, reportedly 50 times more effective than vitamin C for hampering free radicals. The supplement also contains flavonoids, vitamin E and linoleic acids.

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Basic Information:

Product name

Organic Grape Seed Extract Powder

Latin name

Vitis vinifera L.

Part used


Harvest season


Extraction Type

Solvent Extraction

Active Ingrdients

Proanthocyanidins (monomers, oligomers, polymers)

Cas No


Molecular Formula


Formula Weight



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OPC, Proanthocyanidins

Test Method


Formula Structure




Proanthocyanidins: 95% Red brown fine powder

Polyphenols: 70-95% Red brown fine powder

Organic Grape Seed Extract Powder Benefits

Organic Grape Seed Extract Powder Benefits:

1) Circulatory and Vein Health

In 36 subjects, one-month supplementation with grape seed extract (2 g daily) protected blood vessels against free-radical damage by boosting nitric oxide

2) High Blood Lipids

In a meta-analysis of nine clinical trials with 390 participants, grape seed extract had no effect on blood lipid levels and C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker of inflammation。

3) Cognitive Decline

In over 100 older patients, supplementation with organic grape seed extract powder enhanced cognition and reduced the symptoms of stress and depression.

4) Wound Healing

In 40 patients recovering from a surgery, grape seed extract 2% cream enhanced wound healing by stimulating VEGF production, blocking oxidative damage, and fighting microbes

5) Liver Protection

In 15 patients with fatty liver, grape seed extract dropped liver enzymes and reversed fat buildup. It showed better results than vitamin C. But such a small sample prevents us from drawing firm conclusions from this study

6) Kidney Protection

In a clinical trial of 33 patients with kidney disease, grape seed extract enhanced kidney function by providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support. This study had a small sample size and uneven randomization, making the results questionable

7) Hair Loss

Grape seeds contain procyanidins—powerful antioxidants that support hair growth. An extract of procyanidins (from Annurca apple) boosted hair growth in a trial on 250 men. Still, this doesn’t mean that grape seed procyanidins would achieve the same

8) Weight Loss

Many supplements are promoted to stimulate weight loss, but none of them has yet been supported by strong clinical evidence and approved by the health authorities. A healthy, calorie-controlled diet and increased physical activity remain the only proven strategies for weight control

9) Benefits for the Skin

The extract also prevented UV-induced skin cancer by blocking oxidative damage and inflammation in many animal trials.supplementation with grape seed extract (200 mg daily for 6 months) lightened the skin and reduced face spots.

10) Reproductive Health and Testosterone Levels

In male rats, grape seed extract recovered testosterone levels and prevented testicular damage

11) Diabetes

In diabetic rats, grape seed extract lowered blood glucose, cholesterol, and lipids while boosting insulin secretion and antioxidant support

12) Joint and Bone Health

grape seed extract reduced tissue destruction in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, strengthened bones, and reduced joint pain.

13) Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Widespread autoimmune inflammation and oxidative stress cause severe gut damage in Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, the two main forms of IBD. Dietary antioxidants are being researched as a complementary approach to IBD

14) Asthma and Allergies

Grape seed extract relieved airway inflammation (IL-4, IL-5, IL-13, iNOS), IgE immune response, and mucus production in asthmatic rats

15) Antibacterial Activity

Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) from the cell wall of gram-negative bacteria (Escherichia, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, etc.) can trigger inflammation and cause different symptoms of bacterial infections

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Application :

Food field

1. It can be made into capsules, troche and granule as healthy food.

2. High quality Grape seed extract, which has good solubility in water and ethanol plus the solution transparence and brilliance color, has been widely added into the beverage and the wine, cosmetics as the functional content.

3. For the function of the strong anti-oxidant, it is widely added into all kinds of foods such as cake, cheese as the nurture, natural antiseptic in Europe and USA, and it has increased the safety of the food.

Health care field

Proanthocyanidins in it is thiry to fifty times as effective as Vitamin C and Vitamin E ,it can be used to protecting the heart and bloodvessel,improving retinopathy caused by diabetics, atherosclerosis, inflammation and aging,improvingathletic performance, memory and healthy lifestyle,preventing and reversing Alzheimer Disease,improving sexual function, PMS and menstrual disorders and helping to treat ADD/ADHD

Cosmetic field

It is one of the most powerful antioxidants that fights free radicals,It can maintain the elasticity and water of the skin, delaying the appearance of .the wrinkles,anti-aging and anti-wrinkle.anti-cancer, anti-inflammation and anti-allergic activity.

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