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Bupleurum Extract

Bupleurum Extract

Product Name:Bupleurum Root Extract
Latin Name: Bupleurum chinense
Specification Ratio: 4:1~20:1;
Part Used: root
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
Test Method: TLC
Application :Use for health care product and food additive;
Advantage :Best quality and priority price;

What is Bupleurum Extract?

Bupleurum extract is known in Chinese medicine as Chai Hu. It is a major tonic remedy used for constrained Liver Qi and Shao Yang(lesser yang) fevers.

A member of the Apiaceae family, Bupleurum chinense boasts umbels of yellow flowers with sickle-shaped leaves and bright yellow roots. Native to east Asia, bupleurum has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for millennia. The roots of this respected perennial are considered energetically bitter, acrid, and cooling. They have a long history of use in TCM for clearing heat and moving liver qi. Bupleurum root is referred to as chai hu in TCM and forms the basis of many herbal formulations.

Bupleurum extract powder is a convenient method for dispensing and blending this long-used herb. Our bupleurum tincture is macerated using organic bupleurum root and organic alcohol at our extract facility in Eugene, Oregon.

bupleurum extract powder

Basic Information:




Brown fine powder





Extract Ratio


Sieve Analysis

100% pass 80 mesh

Loss on Drying

5% Max

Sulphated Ash

5% Max

Extract Solvent

Ethanol & Water

Heavy Metal

10ppm Max


1ppm Max

Residual Solvents

0.05% Max.


Total Plate Count

10000/g Max

Yeast & Mold

100/g Max





Bupleurum benefits

Bupleurum Extract Benefits:

1.May help manage diabetes

Bupleurum extract may help prevent neuropathy, a common complication for people with either type 1 or 2 diabetes. In this condition, prolonged high levels of blood sugar cause nerve damage to small vessels in parts of your body, such as your eyes and extremities (4).

This nerve damage causes a loss of sensation, which may be harmful if an injury occurs and goes unnoticed. In turn, neuropathy may reduce your quality of life (5).

Interestingly, in a 6-week study in rats, bupleurum reduced blood sugar levels, lowered levels of inflammation, and improved gut microbiota (6Trusted Source).

In another study, mice with diabetes given bupleurum extract powder for 2 days had reduced blood sugar and increased blood insulin levels. Because insulin is necessary to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, an increase suggests better blood sugar management and fewer complications.

Although these results are promising, the findings of animal studies may not apply to people. As such, human research is needed.

2.May support immune health

Preventing illness largely has to do with taking proactive steps to support your immune system. Indeed, studies suggest that bupleurum may strengthen immune health.

In a 6-day study that gave rats either bupleurum or anti-inflammatory medications, bupleurum extract powder inhibited the production of inflammatory compounds called cytokines. Keep in mind that this study used two European bupleurum species, not Bupleurum chinense (8Trusted Source).

Still, a test-tube study observed similar results, reporting that the root of Bupleurum rotundifolium had anti-inflammatory effects (9Trusted Source).

One human study compared the effectiveness of an herbal preparation containing Bupleurum saponin with the common antiviral flu drug Tamiflu. It found the bupleurum decoction to be 93.3% effective at treating influenza A (H1N1) with no adverse effects (10Trusted Source).

Still, more human research is needed.

3.May help prevent liver disease

In China, bupleurum extract has long been used to treat liver problems.

One review examined numerous herbal preparations, including bupleurum, that claim to “soothe the liver” and “cure liver injury.” The evidence suggested that bupleurum extract may help protect the liver from damage by regulating calcium levels within cells (11Trusted Source).

While this review of the current evidence gives insight into bupleurum’s function, more studies on human subjects are needed.

Bupleurum Root Extract Application:

Used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis, enlarged liver or spleen, chemical liver damage, liver stasis or liver congestion, depression, and irregular menstruation. Bupleurum is cited as an herb that increases protein synthesis in the liver, and reduces inflammation by inhibiting prostaglandin production.

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