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Bupleurum Root Powder

Bupleurum Root Powder

Product Name:Bupleurum Root Powder
Latin Name: Bupleurum chinense
Specification Ratio: 4:1~20:1;
Part Used: root
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
Test Method: TLC
Application :Use for health care product and food additive;
Advantage :Best quality and priority price;

What is Bupleurum Root Powder?

Our bupleurum root powder is ground from organic Bupleurum chinense roots. Called chai hu in Traditional Chinese Medicine, bupleurum root has been used for thousands of years for its wellness-supporting properties and to help move qi (energy) throughout the system. A member of the Apiaceae family native to East Asia, bupleurum root powder can be used in herbal formulas, capsules, and extracts.

The bitter, acrid, cooling root of the bupleurum plant has a Chinese name that literally means "kindling of the barbarians." The plant itself is a perennial ornamental that has sickle shaped leaves and clusters of small yellow flowers. Bupleurum powder is also called Chinese thoroughwax and nan chai hu.

bupleurum powder

Basic Information:




Brown fine powder





Extract Ratio


Sieve Analysis

100% pass 80 mesh

Loss on Drying

5% Max

Sulphated Ash

5% Max

Extract Solvent

Ethanol & Water

Heavy Metal

10ppm Max


1ppm Max

Residual Solvents

0.05% Max.


Total Plate Count

10000/g Max

Yeast & Mold

100/g Max





bupleurum root benefits

Bupleurum Root Powder Benefits:

1. Improves General Liver Function and Detoxification

The liver is the largest internal organ in our bodies and is responsible for many vital tasks, including getting rid of and neutralizing all kinds of toxins. The liver also makes bile, which helps the body absorb and properly utilize fats and fat-soluble vitamins.

Keeping the liver working as it should is key to anyone and everyone’s good health. There are many habits and environmental factors that take a toll on the liver, including drinking alcohol, eating processed foods, taking certain medications and pollution. This herb is best known for its ability to detoxify the liver and improve overall liver health. It’s definitely one of the top powerful herbal remedies for liver function, which includes properly converting nutrients and removing hazardous toxins.

2. Prevents and Treats Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer

Cirrhosis is a slowly progressing disease of the liver in which healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue that blocks blood and bile flow through the liver and keeps it from working properly. The most common causes of cirrhosis are excessive alcohol consumption as well as chronic infection with the hepatitis C virus. If the disease is severe enough, it can be fatal.

Sho-saiko-to, or Xiao Chai Hu Tang, is a Japanese medicine that includes bupleurum root powder. Laboratory and animal studies conducted at Osaka City University Medical School in Japan suggest that Sho-saiko-to has a protective effect on the liver.

One study showed that this herbal formula helped prevent the development of hepatocellular carcinomas (liver cancer) in patients who already have cirrhosis. This is huge when you consider that the incidence of liver cancer is extremely high in cirrhosis patients.

3. Boosts Adrenal Gland Function

Bupleurum powder has been used in combination with licorice and panax ginseng to aid and stimulate adrenal gland function. This has been especially helpful for patients with a history of long-term use of corticosteroid drugs, which take a major toll on adrenal health. (3) By aiding the adrenal glands, bupleurum can help harmonize the body and improve energy levels by combatting adrenal insufficiency.

4. Relieves Epilepsy Episodes

Another surprising yet awesome finding is bupleurum’s potential to help epilepsy sufferers. Epilepsy is disorder in which nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, causing seizures. Bupleurum is included in two similar Chinese herbal formulas, Sho-saiko-to and Saiko-keishi-to, which contain the same herbs but in different ratios. Other ingredients in these two formulas include cassia bark, ginger root, peony root, pinellia root, jujube fruit, Asian ginseng root, Asian skullcap root and licorice root.

Preliminary trials have demonstrated that both herbal formulas could offer relief to epilepsy patients. The trials also showed that there were zero negative interactions with a variety of anticonvulsant drugs already being taken by the subjects at the time of the study.

5. Fights Ovarian Cancer

The goal of one 2015 study conducted by the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Military General Hospital of Beijing PLA in China was to evaluate the anticancer, apoptotic and antioxidant properties of Bupleurum chinense root extract against human epithelial ovarian cancer cells in vitro. The results showed that the extract was able to induce impressively strong and dose-dependent cancer-killing effects on ovarian cancer cells. The extract also showed its ability to encouraged cancer cell shrinkage.

Overall, the anticancer effects of the extract were attributed to its ability to foster the programmed cell death of cancer cells, DNA fragmentation (a characteristic of apoptosis or programmed cell death) and a disruption of energy metabolism of cancer cells. Given its results in fighting ovarian and liver cancers, this herb holds the potential to be a tremendous natural cancer treatment.

6. Treats Depression Due to PMS or Menopause

Many people today take mood-stabilizing drugs for their anxiety or depression. Most of these are selective serotonin re-uptake inhibiter. These drugs don’t come without their own very concerning side effects so it’s always worthwhile to look into the possibility of natural remedies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that liver qi stagnation is the central cause of depression. Practitioners of TCM often recommend Chai hu shu gan san, an herbal formula that includes bupleurum root powder, for stagnation of liver qi (energy that flows in the body). Chai hu shu gan san has been found to be especially effective when it’s used to treat the depression that can often occur during premenstrual syndrome (PMS) as well as menopause.

Bupleurum Root Powder Application:

Used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis, enlarged liver or spleen, chemical liver damage, liver stasis or liver congestion, depression, and irregular menstruation. Bupleurum is cited as an herb that increases protein synthesis in the liver, and reduces inflammation by inhibiting prostaglandin production.

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