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Citrus Fruit Extract

Citrus Fruit Extract

Description: Citrus Fruit Extract
Latin Name: Citrus aurantium L.
Specification Ratio: 4:1~20:1 flavones 20% Synephrine HCL 50%, 99%; 80mesh Powder
Part Used: Peel, Fruit
Specification: 10~60% Flavone;
Appearance: Brown Powder;
Test Method: TLC;

What is Citrus Fruit Extract?

Citrus fruit extracts with carvacrol and thymol eliminated 7-log acid-adapted Escherichia coli O157:H7, Salmonella typhimurium, and Listeria monocytogenes: A potential of effective natural antibacterial agents

D-limonene is a citrus fruit extract, available as an insecticidal dip for flea control. It has been shown to be neurotoxic to adult fleas, resulting in rapid immobilization. Vapors as well as direct exposure result in toxicity to fleas and toxicity is synergized by piperonyl butoxide.

Citrus Aurantium Extract


Types OfFruit Extract
Extraction MethodSolvent Extraction
Country Of OriginLoudi,Hunan
GradeFood Grade
AppearanceBrown Yellow Powder
SourceCitrus Aurantium L
ApplicationPharmaceutical Raw Materials
Test MethodHPLC
CAS No520-26-3
Particle Size95% through 80 mesh

Citrus Aurantium Extract-1

Citrus Fruit Extract Benefits:

1. They’re Rich in Vitamins and Plant Compounds

Citrus fruits are very nutritious, offering a host of vitamins, minerals and plant compounds that help keep you healthy.

2. They’re a Good Source of Fiber

Citrus fruits are good sources of soluble fiber, which helps lower cholesterol and aids digestion.

3. Citrus Fruits Are Low in Calories

Citrus fruits are low in calories, making them a smart choice for people seeking to lose or maintain their weight.

4. They May Reduce Your Risk of Kidney Stones

Eating citrus fruits may help lower the risk of kidney stones in some people by raising citrate levels in urine.

5. They May Help Fight or Protect Against Cancer

Citrus fruits have been widely studied for their protective effects on a variety of cancer types.

6. They Contain Nutrients That Boost Heart Health

Many compounds in citrus fruits can benefit heart health by improving cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure.

7. They May Protect Your Brain

Citrus fruits and juices may help boost brain function and protect the brain from neurodegenerative disorders.

Citrus Fruit Extract Application:

1. As Food and beverage ingredients.
2. As Healthy Products ingredients.
3. As Nutrition Supplements ingredients.
4. As Pharmaceutical Industry & General Drugs ingredients.
5. As a health food and cosmetic ingredients

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