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Welcome Iranian Customers To Visit The Curcumin Factory
Jun 20, 2019

Undersuns' Iranian customers visited a ton of  Curcumin, one ton of gingerol

Curcumin is obtained from the rhizome of gingeraceae turmeric by physical method and extracted with organic solvent. The curcumin is orange-yellow powder with the unique flavor of turmeric; bright color, strong stability, non-toxic and harmless, high safety. And the health effects are obvious. The quality of curcumin produced by our company is in line with FAO/WHO international standards.

Water-soluble curcumin

It is emulsified and refined from curcumin or turmeric extract. It has a red liquid and can be evenly dispersed in water. Widely used in pasta, preserved products, condiments, canned foods, beverages, confectionery, pastries, tobacco, etc.


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