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Theme:Shaanxi Undersun Small Partner Drunk Winter Solstice!
Jul 12, 2018

 Today is the annual "Winter Solstice". In order to make employees feel the warmth of home in the cold winter, and realize the fun of self-employment, full of food and clothing, enhance the company's cohesiveness and centripetal force, organize employees of the company to hold the "Winter Solstice" on the winter day. Together" activities.

In the hall of the 18th floor of Ansheng, we gathered together. The dishes in the conference room were bursting with laughter and laughter. We bought materials, washed vegetables, cut vegetables, processed, stuffed, and noodles. The employees showed their talents in a happy and warm atmosphere. The division of labor was clear. Cooperate with each other. The thin dumpling skin was pinched between everyone's left and right sides, and a blink of an eye turned into a mouth-watering dumpling. The atmosphere was warm.

  This activity enabled employees to experience the traditional customs of our country while enhancing the awareness of mutual assistance and cooperation, deepening the exchanges between each other, and letting everyone feel the joy of teamwork in the process of making dumplings, leaving each employee A beautiful memory. Eat dumplings, this winter can not freeze ears Oh ~ Undersun Bio wishes everyone happy winter solstice!





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