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German Food Manufacturers Have Ordered A Large Amount Of Water-soluble Curcumin In Our Company
Jul 20, 2018

 On July 13, 2018, the general manager of the German food factory came to Xi'an to conduct a factory inspection and signed a long-term contract to purchase water-soluble curcumin. Our foreign trade manager has a wealth of practical experience in planting business, from the understanding - exchange - sample - cooperation to the ground.


 Mr. Hou Xingjun, General Manager of Undersun Bio, also paid special attention to each cooperation with various countries, further strengthened the friendly and cooperative relations between the two sides, and explored a comprehensive and multi-angle cooperative development model. 


 Shaanxi Undersun Bio will take this opportunity to play the role of our company's function and market, accelerate the pace of “going out”, help more provinces overseas development, and enhance the influence of our province's enterprises in Germany. All the way and the construction of the Sino-German Economic Belt Corridor made greater contributions.

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