What is Beta-Carotene?
Nov 29, 2018

Beta carotene foods is a precursor of vitamin A. We need vitamin A for healthy skin and mucus membranes, our immune system, and good eye health and vision.

Beta carotene in itself is not an essential nutrient, but vitamin A is. Beta carotene's chemical formula - C40H56 - was discovered in 1907.

Vitamin A can be sourced from the food we eat, through beta carotene supplements, for example, or in supplement form. The advantage of dietary beta carotene is that the body only converts as much as it needs. Beta carotene color is a red-orange pigment found in plants and fruits, especially carrots and colorful vegetables.

Here are some key points about beta carotene:

Beta carotene is a red/orange pigment found in many fresh fruits and vegetables

Beta carotene is converted into vitamin A, an essential vitamin

Vitamin A is toxic at high levels

Beta carotene is a carotenoid and an beta carotene antioxidant

Foods rich in vitamin A include onions, carrots, peas, spinach and squash

One study showed that smokers with high beta carotene intake might have an increased risk of lung cancer

Some evidence suggests that beta carotene might slow cognitive decline

Beta carotene supplements interact with certain drugs, including statins and mineral oil

Beta carotene might help older people retain their lung strength as they age.

Where Can You Buy beta-Carotene?

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