What is quillaja saponins
Dec 29, 2021

Saponins of Quillaja saponaria extract is a new active ingredient that is extracted from the wood and bark of the soapbark tree also known as Quillaja saponaria. The end-use product Quillaja Extract is intended to inhibit the growth of pathogenic fungi and nematodes in ornamental plants, food crops and turfgrasse. Use of this extract as a pesticide active ingredient is not expected to harm humans, nontarget organisms, or the environment.

I. Description of the Active Ingredient

The active ingredient saponins of Quillaja saponaria is a dark brown liquid with a sweet,

pungent odor. The saponins are extracted from the wood and bark of the soapbark tree

(Quillaja saponaria). The product Quillaja Extract contains 8.60% by weight of the active


II. Use Sites, Target Pests, and Application Methods

o Use Sites: Vineyards, orchards, field crops, ornamentals

o Target Pests: Nematodes, pathogenic fungi

o Application Methods: Liquid formulation is applied using ground equipment with

a band sprayer, soil fertilizer shanks, drip irrigation, or aboveground sprinkler


III. Assessing Risks to Human Health

No harmful effects are likely to occur to workers or the public from use of Quillaja Extract

when it is used to control nematodes and pathogenic fungi in vineyards, orchards, field

crops and ornamentals. Laboratory studies on rats and pigs indicate that the active

ingredient is not toxic or infective following lung, oral, or skin exposure. Quillaja saponins

are widely used in food items such as flavoring agent, food additives and soft drinks.

There are no reports of negative effects following regular human exposure and

consumption of Quillaja extracts.

quillaja saponaria extracts powder

Is quillaja extract safe

It is likely safe when used in amounts found in food. Quillaja is toxic when ingested orally in large amounts. Severe toxic effects following the ingestion of large doses of the bark include liver damage, gastric pain, diarrhea, hemolysis, respiratory failure, convulsions and coma.

What is quillaja used for

Quillaja extract has been used orally in traditional medicine to relieve cough and bronchitis, and topically to relieve scalp itchiness and dandruff. Reports show that quillaja can depress cardiac and respiratory activity and induce localized irritation and sneezing.

Quillaja Saponaria Powder

What are the benefits of quillaja extract


Insufficient Evidence to Rate Effectiveness for...




Breathing problems.

Other conditions.


Skin sores.

Athlete's foot.

Itchy scalp.


Vaginal discharge.

Other conditions.

What is quillaja extract made of

Quillaja saponaria extract (also spelled “quillaia”) is a dark brown liquid made from the logs and bark of the soapbark tree. It has a sweet, pungent odor.[1] The word quillay is derived from the native Mapuche word quillean, which means “to wash.”[2] The soapbark tree is a large evergreen with shiny, leathery leaves and a thick bark. It is native to Chile. The wood for the extract is often obtained through regular pruning activities that improve forests without killing the trees.

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