Ginger yellow makes the color of the puffed food more vivid and pleasing
Oct 26, 2018

Puffed food is a new type of food that appeared in the late 1960s. It is also known as extruded food, blasting food, light food, etc. It is mainly used as a main raw material for cereals, potatoes and beans with less water content. After pressing and heat treatment, the volume of the raw material itself is expanded, and the internal structure is also changed. After being processed and formed, the structure of the food is porous and fluffy, the taste is crispy and crisp, and has certain nutritional value. , has been loved by the masses.


Some time ago, the boss of a puffed food company in Ningbo contacted our account manager under the recommendation of one of our old customers. In the conversation with the other party, we learned that the company is currently developing new products, but due to the production process Differently, the previously used curcumin will become dull when used in new products. They have changed several products one after another and have not achieved the expected results. Seeing that the company’s new product release is getting closer, the color of the new product The big problem has not been solved yet, and they can't help but feel very anxious. Fortunately, Huang Tian did not bear the pains of the people. In a friend's dinner, one of his friends, that is, our old customers, learned about their situation, and recommended him to Shaanxi Undersun, and gave the call of our account manager. He, then, has this call. After our account manager knows the general situation, I suggest that the other party provide us with a sample. We follow the color of the sample. After thinking about it again, the other party sends the sample. After receiving the sample, our account manager will immediately sample. After being sent to the technical department, two days later, a new type of ginger pigment was sent to Ningbo. The customer received the sample only three days away from the new product launch conference. After the company’s technical staff competed against each other, good news came from one day later. The results of the samples came out. Our ginger pigments were not affected by the production process. The colors were bright and pleasing, they were more brilliant than they expected, and the prices were fair. The other party made a decisive order and invited our account managers to attend them. New product launch conference, but for various reasons, our account manager was not invited to Ningbo, and I can only wish the other party's conference to be successful on the phone. The other party brought good news again after the press conference. The new products were very successful. They decided that the pigments in the future would be taken by us.

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