Do you know the functiom of Kidney Bean Extract?
May 13, 2019

Kidney Bean Extract factory contains a- amylase inhibitor.

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White kidney bean extract

White kidney bean extract is refined from white kidney bean, which belongs to the leguminous kidney bean family. White kidney bean is a kind of nourishing food with the functions of warming the qi, benefiting the stomach, stopping hiccups, strengthening the spleen and kidney. White kidney bean extract contains a-amylase inhibitor, which can effectively inhibit the decomposition of starch. When a-amylase ACTS on starch, it can cut a-1, 4-glycosidic bond from the inside of the molecule to generate dextrin and reducing sugar. Because the terminal carbon atom of the product is a configuration, it is called a-amylase. However, a class of protein compounds that can reduce or deactivate the catalytic activity of a-amylase by binding to the corresponding part of a-amylase molecule and changing its molecular conformation at the same time are called a-amylase inhibitors, commonly known as "StarchBlocker" in foreign countries.


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