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Apr 13, 2020

1. Elderberry juice concentrate benefits(benefits of elderberry juice concentrate)

The elderberry extract is rich in bioflavonoids, anthocyanins, vitamins and other highly antioxidant substances. Among them, complex bioflavonoids such as cyanidin, delphinidin and quercetin have been It is proved to be an active ingredient with functions of anti-virus and immunity.

Nowadays, elderberry concentrate has a significant effect on upper respiratory tract infections including cough, flu and cold. The natural remedies for anti-virus and improving immunity mainly include VC, probiotics, echinacea extract, bovine colostrum, yeast-β-glucan, algae polysaccharide, etc. Most importantly, elderberry also has five effects: high efficiency, stable effect, quick effect, general effect, and long-term effect.


The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system. Elderberry juice concentrate could help tame inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect your heart, too. Some experts recommend elderberry to help prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms

Elderberry juice concentrate uses are variable and diverse, including topping onto waffles and pancakes, mixing into teas, or using solely for these medicinal purposes:

1. Fights the Flu

While Elderberry juice concentrate may not prevent the flu, it may be an effective treatment option if you got hit with the virus. Research shows the use of elderberry could shorten the duration of flu by about three to four days, along with lessening symptom severity if taken within the first 24 hours of having the flu. When it comes to recommended dosages, WebMD suggests one tablespoon (15 milliliters) of a specific elderberry juice-containing syrup (Sambucol by Nature’s Way) has been taken four times daily for three to five days, while a specific lozenge (ViraBLOC by HerbalScience) containing 175 milligrams of elderberry extract has been taken four times daily for two days.

2. Reduces Cold Duration

Along with being a supportive agent against the flu, elderberry is well-known in its fight against the cold, particularly related to its vitamin A and C content. In fact, a 2016 research article published in Nutrients found a significant reduction of cold duration and severity in air travelers. Travelers using elderberry concentrate starting 10 days before travel until four to five days after arriving overseas experienced, on average, a two-day shorter duration of the cold and also noticed a reduction in cold symptoms.

3. Manages Diabetes

The berry has been traditionally explored in its treatment of diabetes, with evidence published in the Journal of Nutrition demonstrating the presence of insulin-releasing and insulin-like activity in the proclaimed anti-diabetic plant, Sambucus nigra.

4. Promotes Mental Health

Extracts from an elder plant have shown to act as a natural antidepressant source. Though more research is still warranted in elderberry’s role in mental health, there is no denying pouring elderberry syrup atop a short stack is sure to crack a smile…

5. Acts as A Natural Diuretic

Diuretics increase the amount of water and salt expelled from the body in the form of urine and are mostly used to treat high blood pressure. There has been some indication elderberry juice concentrate offers diuretic properties, along with acting as a laxative in the treatment against constipation.

6. Supports Skin Health

Elderberry juice concentrate have shown to support skin health thanks to its anthocyanin content, or the compound that gifts berries’ vibrant color. Anthocyanins have shown to combat the internal consequences of natural aging, therefore improving the external appearance of skin tone and glow. Elderberry is also a rich source of vitamins A and C, each showing to moisture the skin and maintain its integrity.

7. Reduces Inflammation

Elderberry juice concentrate displays numerous anti-inflammatory activities, particularly related to its anthocyanin and vitamins A and C contents. Inflammation has shown to be the root of many chronic diseases, which may label elderberry as a contender against the fight against cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Elderberry extract

2. Elderberry juice concentrate vs extract?

Elderberries’ relatively thin skin makes long term storage as fruit very difficult, unlike citrus fruit. They are prepared for long term storage by one of three methods: Elderberry concentrate (fruit processed with chemicals, especially alcohol, to “extract parts of the elderberry”), Powders (by drying and crushing the elderberries), and Liquid Concentrate (juice concentrates are produced by removing water from the natural juice to concentrate the fruit solids by vacuum distillation under 145° Fahrenheit).

Elderberry extract can inhibit the spread of infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) in the early stage of infection, possibly by making the virus non-infectious Coronary disease. [1]

Elderberry extract has a beneficial effect on human pathogens and influenza viruses. This natural product may provide a new option for the prevention and control of infections. [2]

Elderberry fruit plus echinacea is as effective as oseltamivir in the early treatment of clinical diagnosis and virologically combined influenza virus infection, and can reduce the risk of complications and adverse events. [3]

Food grade boost immunity elderberry extract

3.How long does elderberry concentrate last?

A study verified the inhibitory effect of elderberry on viruses. The researchers used liquid culture to cultivate bacteria, during which 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% elderberry concentrate were added. After culturing for 16 hours, inoculate the bacteria into blood agar (Oxoid) for 24 hours and observe the growth of bacteria. The results show that adding elderberry extract to the liquid medium of the strain, compared with the sample without addition, at a concentration of 10%, it can inhibit the growth activity of all pathogens by more than 70%. Elderberry syrup, when stored in a glass jar in the fridge, will stay good for 3 months.

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Elderberries have long been cultivated for food and to make natural medicines. The latter are available in many forms, including syrups, teas, capsules, gummies, tonics, tinctures, and topical ointments. The ripe berry is tart and typically sweetened (like cranberries).

Treatment should start no later than 48 hours of the first appearance of symptoms. However, there are no universal recommendations as to the appropriate dosage to treat specific medical conditions.

As a general rule, an elderberry product manufacturer's recommended dosage should not be exceeded. Many commercial syrup manufacturers recommend 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of elderberry syrup taken four times daily to treat cold or flu symptoms. Elderberry lozenges (175 mg) can be taken twice daily.

Keep in mind that elderberry should never be used as a substitute for standard care. Self-treating a condition and delaying the standard care of treatment may have serious consequences.

4.Elderberry extract manufacturers

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