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Organic Gotu Kola Powder

Organic Gotu Kola Powder

Product Name: Organic Gotu Kola Powder
Botanical Name: Centella Asiatica L
Standardized: 10%, 20%, 40%, 50% 80% Asiaticosides by HPLC
Latin name: Centella Asiatica P.E
Extract part: Whole Herb
Analysis: HPLC
Molecular Formula: C48H78O1
Molecular Weight: 959.12
Melting point: 235°C-238°C
Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and pyridine
Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;
Packing :25kgs/drum or 1kg/bag;
Stock in LA USA warehouse;

What is Organic Gotu Kola Powder?

Gotu Kola is said to invigorate the resistant framework, both through purging and taking care of it and by fortifying the adrenal organs. Organic gotu kola powder is likewise frequently utilized for intellectual and psychological well-being support; it could assist with improving memory and cerebrum work, just as nervousness and gloom. Generally it has been utilized as a blood tonic (detoxify and fortify) and for skin wellbeing. It has additionally been utilized to advance tranquil rest.

Gotu Kola has been utilized for a huge number of years as a nutritive home grown tonic in both Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine and in the Ancient Asian Herbal convention. It is utilized in numerous customary culinary dishes all through India, China and Indonesia where it is eaten crude in plates of mixed greens or utilized as a day by day tonic as a tea. It shows up in numerous life span fantasies.

In one bit of legend, Chinese Herbalist, military craftsman and Qigong ace Li Ching-Yuen is said to have lived beyond 250 years old because of utilizing different spices including Gotu Kola. As per the enthusiastic standards of Ayurveda, organic gotu kola powder is unpleasant, astringent and sweet in the Rasa taste energy, cooling in real life as per Virya and adjusting for each of the three constitutions, for example, Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas. It is viewed as a magnificent every day spice to help general prosperity, imperativeness and wellbeing.

Organic Gotu Kola Powder-1

Basic Information:

Product nameOrganic Gotu Kola Powder
CAS No.:34540-22-2
Appearancebrown powder
Specification4:1 5:1 10:1 20:1
Part usedleaf
Test methodHPLC
Partical size100% pass 80 mesh
Shelf life2 years




Physical Analysis


Off-White Powder, White PowderComplies


60% Asiaticoside60.22%

Mesh Size

100 % pass 80 meshComplies


≤ 5.0%2.85%
Loss on Drying≤ 5.0%2.85%
Chemical Analysis

Heavy Metal≤ 10.0 mg/kgComplies
Pb≤ 2.0 mg/kgComplies
As≤ 1.0 mg/kgComplies
Hg≤ 0.1 mg/kgComplies
Microbiological Analysis

Residue of PesticideNegativeNegative
Total Plate Count≤ 1000cfu/gComplies
Yeast&Mold≤ 100cfu/gComplies

Organic Gotu Kola Powder Benefits

Organic Gotu Kola Powder Benefits:

Gotu Kola has been used by monks and Yogis of the Far East for centuries as a means to enhance their concentration during meditation. In Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine it also plays an important role in helping memory loss and fighting aliments of the mind.

1) Burns

According to some evidence, applying gotu kola to second-degree burns may decrease the time that it takes for burns to heal

2) Poor Circulation & Vein Problems

Oral gotu kola supplements and extracts (Centellase) may improve blood flow and reduce swelling in people with poor blood circulation in the legs (venous insufficiency) after 4-8 weeks, according to a recent systematic review of eight clinical studies

3) Anxiety

There is insufficient evidence to support the use of gotu kola for anxiety.

4)Gotu Kola increased hair growth in rats, increasing the number of hairs per area and the length of each hair.

5) Psoriasis

Evidence is lacking to support this traditional use. Gotu Kola has only been studied in cells (inhibits skin cell reproduction)

6) Stomach Ulcers

No evidence backs up this use. Gotu Kola was only studied in rats. It increased ulcer healing and reduced the size of ulcers in rats (by reducing myeloperoxidase and increasing bFGF)

7) Memory/Mood

Gotu Kola leaf increased the cAMP response element-binding protein (CREB) .CREB is increased by antidepressants and is involved in forming long-term memories.

8) Inflammation & Free Radicals

Asiatic acid and madecassic acid, found in Gotu Kola, inhibited IL-1 beta, IL-6, and TNF-alpha (as well as inhibiting iNOS and COX-2) in bacteria-infected cells.The phenols in Gotu Kola had antioxidant properties in mouse cells

9) Effects on the Brain

In rats, Gotu Kola lowered their version of cortisol (corticosterone) and increased serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine

10) Thrombosis

A component in Gotu Kola prevented thrombosis by inhibiting blood clotting in rat models.

11) Herpes

Gotu Kola was active against herpes by inhibiting the virus (HSV-1 and HSV-2) in test tube cultures. The effect was stronger when combined with mango.

Organic Gotu Kola Powder Application:

1. Applied in cosmetic field, centella extract is used to make the skin smooth and elastic;

2.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is used as raw materials with clearing heat and toxic materials;

3.Applied in health food industry,as raw materials can enhance human immunity.

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