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Wild Yam Powder

Wild Yam Powder

Product Name: Wild yam Powder
Specificaiton:6% 16% 20% 98% 20:110:1 5:1
Active ingredient:Dioscin
Test method:Hplc,TLC
Part used:Root,stem
Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;
Natural wild yam powder, no additive;

What is Wild Yam Powder?

Wild Yam Powder from undersun is 100% pure, top grade Dioscorea villosa root. Our Yam Powder can be added to a little liquid or breakfast smoothie and taken daily.

Wild yam powder is the tuber of Dioscoreaceae (Dioscoreaceae) plant Dioscorea opposita Thunb. Also known as Guangxi yam, yam, yam, yam, potato, yam. Yam root powder is widely distributed in hilly and shallow mountain areas such as Northeast China, North China, Central China, Southeast and Southwest China. It is also distributed in Korea and Japan, and forms many local varieties. Yam root powder is divided into two categories: medicinal and edible. The southern provinces mainly use edible yam.

The medicinal yam powder is represented by the yam planted in northern Henan and south-central Shanxi province. It has the highest medicinal and nourishing value, so it has become the main raw material and important nourishing food for many Chinese medicines. Its taste is sweet and flat, and it belongs to the spleen, lung and kidney channels. It has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing body fluid, nourishing lungs, and replenishing the kidney. Wild yam powder is used to treat diseases such as spleen deficiency, lack of food, chronic diarrhea, lung deficiency, asthma and cough, kidney deficiency, spermatorrhea, vaginal discharge, frequent urination and deficiency of heat and thirst. Yam, as a kind of medicinal and edible plant, is favored by everyone. Generally, yam extract is a white powdery solid.

Wild Yam Powder

Basic Information:

Product Name:

Wild Yam Powder


White fine powder



Food Grade

Test MethodHPLC UV


Health-care Products

Specification8%, 16%Place of Origin:

Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Packing:Bag and DrumShelf life2 years


Wild Yam Powder-1

Wild Yam Powder Benefits:

1. Replenishing the spleen and stomach.
2. Promoting fluid secretion and benefiting the lung.
3. Strengthening the kidney and restraining seminal discharge.
4. Increasing the hormones and regulating the body functions.

5. Lower blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular diseases and inflammation, protect the liver.

Wild Yam Powder Uses:

Clinically, yam root powder and extracts can be used to treat spleen deficiency syndrome, treat infant diarrhea, infantile infectious diseases, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema, and hemorrhage after tumor chemotherapy. Yam root powder is a health product with the same medicine and food, which can be developed into yam capsule products, yam powder products, yam nutrient oral liquid, yogurt drinks, sake, etc.

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