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Organic Grape Skin Powder

Organic Grape Skin Powder

Product name:Organic Grape Skin Powder
Product source:extracted from the skins of Vitis Vinifera grapes
Product appearance:powder is purplish red, liquid is brown purple
Grade:Pharmaceutical & Food
Application:beverages, frozen drinks, health products
Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;
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What is Organic Grape Skin Powder?

Organic grape skin powder made from cold-pressed and finely milled raw red grapes straight from Hungarian vineyards. It has an intensely fruity and slightly acidic flavour, which goes especially well with chocolate and cream.

It makes for a nutritious and healthy addition to natural yogurt, smoothies or fruit juice, creating a filling and nourishing snack. Take one teaspoon daily, and you can enhance its effectiveness by combining it with grape seed flour.

Organic grape skin powder is naturally rich in fiber, Vitamin E, as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. Full of anti-oxidants and bio-flavanoids, including resveratrol, its regular consumption may reduce inflammation, promote cardiovascular health and reverse premature ageing.

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Basic Information:

Basic information

Product Name

Organic Grape Skin Powder

Plant source

Natural Grape skin

Indicator component


Proanthocyanidins ≥ 45.0%

Polyphenols ≥30%



Reddish-Brown powder

Odor& Taste


Physical Characteristics

Particle Size

NLT 90% Through 80 mesh

bulk density


Water solubility


Loss on drying


Ash Content


Pesticide Residue


Heavy metals

Total Heavy Metals



≤1 ppm


≤2 ppm

Microbiological Tests

Total Plate Count


Yeast & Mold








organic Grape Skin Powder benefits

Organic Grape Skin Powder Benefits:

Grape skin, the outer layer of the grape (Vitis vinifera ), is either green, red, or purplish-black in color. The skin, stem, seeds, and juice of the grape are used in making wine. Although the skin, stem, and seeds are often used in making the nutritional supplement, grape skin extract, the extract sometimes contains grape skin only. Generally, the skin of red grapes is used in making nutritional supplements.

Biologic components

Red grape skins contain an array of bioflavonoids (quercetin, catechins, flavonols, and anthocyanidins) and nonbioflavonoid polyphenols (acid derivatives). One important nonbioflavonoid in grape skin is called resveratrol. Resveratrol is a plant-specific enzyme that exists in 72 plant species, such as grapes, peanuts, and pine trees. Grapes are the most abundant source of this health-promoting enzyme.

General use

There are many possible therapeutic applications of the resveratrol in red grape skin. In clinical studies, resveratrol demonstrated equivalent or better anti-inflammatory effects compared to the well-established anti-inflammatory drugs phenylbutazone and indomethacin. In animal studies, resveratrol inhibited both the acute and chronic phases of inflammation.

Although researchers are uncertain about how much resveratrol is needed to produce beneficial effects in humans, supplementation with red grape skin extract or consuming a glass or two of red wine may prevent or alleviate the following conditions:

  1. aging

  2. bruising (capillary fragility)

  3. cancer (cancer-inhibiting effects)

  4. diabetes

  5. fungal infection

  6. heart disease (hardening of the arteries and high cholesterol)

  7. inflammation (including bursitis and tendonitis)

  8. Raynaud's syndrome (a blood vessel disorder)

  9. varicose veins

  10. vision problems (including cataracts and glaucoma)

  11. wound healing

Red grape skin extract is prepared in capsule form as a nutritional supplement. For adult maintenance, the therapeutic range is thought to be 200–600 mg at 30% anthocyanins (OPCs), although guidelines have not been definitively established.

The resveratrol found in red grape skin and its extract is also found in red wine and concord grape juice. However, grape juice has been found to have fewer benefits than red wine, due to the technique for processing the grapes. For example, grape juice has only one-third the anti-clotting properties of red wine.


Although research is limited, scientific investigators have not issued any precautions regarding the use of grape skin or grape skin extract. However, people should be aware of the known side effects of red wine and resveratrol.

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Application :

1. Ideal alternative to synthetic pigment

2. Natural antioxidant

3. Natural preservatives

4. Beauty &skin care role

5. Improve visual function

6. Radiation function

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