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Agaricus Bisporus Extract

Agaricus Bisporus Extract

CommodityName: Agaricus Bisporus Extract
Botanical Name: White Button mushroom extract
Specs: 20%, 30%
Color: Brown yellow powder
Part Used: Mycelia
Mesh: 80mesh
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What is Agaricus Bisporus Extract?

Agaricus bisporus extract is an edible basidiomycete mushroom. Agaricus bisporus has two color states while immature—white and brown, when mature, it is known as Portobello mushroom. At moment, agaricus bisporus is cultivated in more than seventy countries, and it is one of the most commonly and widely consumed mushrooms in the world.

Our agaricus bisporus mushroom extract is made from the pressed juice of champignon mushrooms. The juice is minimally processed to create a superfine mushroom extract granule that dissolves easily in liquids and provides a punch of umami flavor. It’s a natural, no-sugar-added, flavor-enhancing food additive that can be used instead of ingredients such as sodium, MSG, yeast extract and hydrolyzed vegetable protein.

Agaricus bisporus extract is natural fungis extract, it is widely used in food, function food and beverage.

agaricus bisporus fruit extract

Basic Information:

Product name

Agaricus bisporus extract




Brown yellow fine Powder





Test method


Extraction type

Solvent extraction






GMP,Kosher,ISO, Halal


In cool, dry and clean

Shelf life

2 years


1kg/bag,25kg/fiber drum


within 3 days after payment

agaricus bisporus benefits

Agaricus Bisporus Extract Benefits:

1.Weight loss

One of the methods for curing obesity is the inclusion of some substances with the anti-lipase (reducing fat-digesting enzymes) activity in the diet and thus reducing the uptake of fat components from food. Some existing dietary supplements that contain plant components can inhibit lipase action. Mushrooms provide these substances.


One study of 37 adults concludes that white button mushrooms contain a variety of compounds with potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant health benefits that can occur with frequent consumption over time in adults predisposed to Type 2 Diabetes.

3.Immune Modulation

Mushrooms are reported to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular-protective, antidiabetic, hepatoprotective, and anticancer properties. It is well-established that mushrooms are adept at immune modulation and affect hematopoietic stem cells, lymphocytes, macrophages, T cells, dendritic cells, and natural killer cells, all important parts of the immune system.

4.Blood sugar and Cholesterol

One study in rats showed a decrease in Total Cholesterol, LDL, cholesterol, and Triglyceride concentrations and was accompanied by a significant increase in plasma high-density lipoprotein (HDL) concentrations. It was concluded that A common mushrooms had both hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activity in rats, lowering both blood sugar and cholesterol.

agaricus bisporus application


1.Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills;

2.Functional food as capsules or pills;

3.Water-soluble beverages;

4.Health products as capsules or pills.

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Production processes:

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