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Cochineal Extract Or Carmine

Cochineal Extract Or Carmine

Type:Cochineal extract or carmine
Part:Whole body
Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction
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What is Cochineal extract or carmine?

Cochineal – Cochineal extract or carmine is one of the most expensive and precious of the natural dyes and is derived from a scale insect (Dactylopus coccus) that feeds on the nopal cactus in arid areas of Mexico, Peru, Chile and the Canary Islands. You can also find a wild relative of cochineal living on cacti in the desert Southwest. It is the only natural red colorant approved for food, drugs and cosmetics and is the natural red colorant of choice in the European Union.

Cochineal extract or carmine originates from the Americas, and its use has been recorded for nearly 2000 years. Its “discovery” during the Spanish conquest of Mexico and South American financed the Spanish empire and created an insatiable appetite for brilliant red clothing, but only if you were very, very wealthy. Cochineal extract (or carmine) was the second most precious export from the New World to Europe after silver, and the author Amy Butler Greenfield has written a fabulous history of carmine dye cochineal, called “A Perfect Red”. The New York Times has recently published two articles about cochineal: one from Porfirio Gutierrez’ traditional Oaxacan family that dyes and weaves, and the other on a museum exhibit that showcases the dye.

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Basic Information:

Appearancedeep red powder
Ingredientcarminic acid≥50%
Descriptionextract from female dactylopius coccus
Advantagegood heat and light resistance
Physicochemical propertysoluble in water, ethanol and propylene glycol
Gradefood grade, cosmetic grade
Typical applicationbeverage, ice-cream, ham, sausage, biscuit, cake, cosmetics
Storagein closed containers, in cool and dry place
Standardexport standard
Shelf life24 months

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Cochineal extract or carmine Benefits:

Cochineal extract or carmine as it is commonly known, is a red insect dye that has been used for centuries to dye textiles, drugs, and cosmetics.

In cosmetics, carmine dye cochineal is used to dye lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow.

The color created from this cochineal dye is absolutely beautiful. It creates bright, bold and deep red colors. But perhaps the most stunning part of this incredible dye is where it originates. Cochineal red dye is actually the result of harvesting insects.

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