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Calendula Powder

Calendula Powder

Product Name:Calendula Extract Powder
Latin Name:Calendula Officinalis L.
Parts of Extraction:Flower
Color:Fine orange powder
Extract Solution:Ethanol & Water
Specification:10:1, or as your request
Application:Medicinal herb, drinks or cosmetics
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We are mainly supplying powder form raw materials for businesses that manufacture supplements, food, drinks,cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and so on. All products are ISO9001 and FDA certified. Free samples are available.

What is Calendula Powder?

Calendula powder is a cheerful, sunny plant that is well-loved by herbalists worldwide. Our organic calendula flower powder is ground from organically cultivated Calendula officinalis flowers. Calendula powder can be used in culinary recipes, incorporated into homemade beauty care products, infused into herbal oils, or macerated as calendula extract.

Calendula flower powder is a well-known herb and uplifting ornamental garden plant that has been used topically, ceremonially, and as a dye and food plant for centuries. It is also commonly referred to as marigold or pot marigold. Organic calendula officinalis extract is an annual herb bearing the characteristic daisy-like flowers of other members of the Asteraceae family, having bright orange or yellow terminal flower heads and pale green leaves. Native to Southern Europe, Egypt, the Mediterranean, and in the region spanning the Canary Islands to Iran, calendula is now naturalized in much of the world and is commonly grown in gardens.

calendula flower powder

Basic Information:

Product NameCalendula PowderLatin NameTagetes erecta L
AppearanceYellow to Dark Yellow PowderSpec.10:1
Active IngredientAmino acids, proteins, vitaminsCAS No.84776-23-8
Molecular FormulaC40H56O2Molecular Weight568.85
Melting Point190 °CSolubilitya lipophilic substance, soluble in fats and fatty solvents, insoluble in water
Loss On Drying≤5.0%Ash Content≤5.0%
PesticidesNegativeTotal Heavy Metals≤10ppm
Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/gTotal Yeast&Mold≤100cfu/g
Purchase Process/Order ProcessLet me know the specific order quantity you need -- Provide me your Company Name, Specific Shipping Address, Telephone Number, Receiver's Name -- Invoice made for your payment -- Prepare the product and arrange shipping for you after receiving your payment if you agreeQuality Guarantee/Return PolicyProduct quality of formal order must conform to the sample order, sample order quality must be in consistent with COA Index, otherwise, money should be returned
Shipping ServiceFEDEX, TNT, DHL, UPS Express (door to door service) by air with smooth and safe customs clearanceLead Time
3-5 days to prepare the product and arrange shipping for you by our factory and another 3-5 working days for you to receive after sent out by freight forwarder
MOQ25Kg, while 1KG sample order is supported for the quality testShelf Life24 months under cool and dry storage condition

organic calendula officinalis extract

Calendula Powder Benefits:

Calendula flower is used to prevent muscle spasms, start menstrual periods, and reduce fever. It is also used for treating sore throat and mouth, menstrual cramps, cancer, and stomach and duodenal ulcers.

1.Anal tears (anal fissures). Early research suggests that that applying calendula powder to the affected area may reduce pain in people with anal tears who do not respond to treatment with sitz baths and the medication nifedipine.

2.Diaper rash. Early research suggests that applying a 1.5% calendula flower powder ointment to the skin for 10 days improves diaper rash compared to aloe gel.

3.Ear infections (otitis media). Early research shows that applying a specific product (Otikon Otic Solution by Healthy-On Ltd) that contains mullein, garlic,organic calendula officinalis extract, and St. John's wort to the ear for 3 days reduces ear pain in children and teenagers with ear infections.

4.Skin inflammation due to radiation therapy (radiation dermatitis). Early research suggests that applying calendula powder ointment on the skin might reduce radiation dermatitis in people receiving radiation therapy for breast cancer.

5.Thinning of the wall of the vagina (vaginal atrophy). Early research suggests that applying a specific gel (Estromineral Gel, Rottapharm-Madaus) that contains

organic calendula officinalis extract, Lactobacillus sporogenes, isoflavones, and lactic acid to the vagina for 4 weeks reduces symptoms of vaginal atrophy such as vaginal itching, burning, dryness, and pain during intercourse.

Leg ulcers. Early research shows that applying a 7.5% calendula flower powder to the skin speeds up the healing of leg ulcers caused by poor blood circulation.

Muscle spasms.




Varicose veins.


Promoting menstruation.

Treating mouth and throat soreness.


calendula powder application

Calendula Powder Application:

1.Applied in food field, it is mainly used as a natural colorant or pigment.

2.Applied in cosmetics, it will provide supplemental antioxidant capacity to the skin.

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First of all, our quality control will reduce the quality problem to near zero. If there is a real quality problem caused by us, we will send you free goods for replacement or refund your loss.

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