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Psyllium Powder Bulk

Psyllium Powder Bulk

Prodcut name:Psyllium Powder Bulk
Latin Name: Plantago Ovata, Plantago Ispaghula
Specification Ratio: 99% Husk, 98% Powder
Appearance: off -white powder
Mesh size: 40-60 Mesh
Used Part: Husk
Grade: Food Additives
Test method :TLC

What is Psyllium Powder Bulk?

Psyllium Powder Bulk is one of the best sources of dietary fiber you can find. It also has a side-serving of essential minerals that make the food even more beneficial. Made from the husks of psyllium plants, this product widely used in weight management plans.

Psyllium Powder Bulk, also known as psyllium husks fibre, isabgol, or simply as psyllium. The husks are soluble in water, absorbing the water to mate them mucilaginous when wet. Psyllium seed husk powder is safe for humans to eat and is most often used to take as a source of fibre.

The inert bulk of the husk powder helps to maintain a good mass in ones gut which can help in the digestion of food.

psyllium powder bulk

Basic Information:

Product namePsyllium Powder Bulk
AppearanceOff-white Powder
Partical size100% Pass 80 Mesh
Shelf life2 years
Product descriptionPsyllium husk also simply called psyllium are parts of the seeds of the plant Plantago ovata of the genus Plantago which native to India but can be found elsewhere. Psyllium husks are hygroscopic, capable of absorbing fluids primarily used as bulk forming laxative and a good source of dietary fiber and used commercially to produce mucilage.

psyllium benefits

Psyllium Powder Bulk Benefits

Psyllium Powder Bulk also known as Plantago ovata, is a soluble fiber made from seeds for your gut bacteria. It is a shrub like plant that was originally from India. When consumed, psyllium expands due to water in the colon and it forms a gelatinous substance. Then the gel-like substance pushes out the toxins and waste in the body.

1. Lowers Cholesterol

Like most fiber supplements, psyllium husk powder bulk wholesale binds to fat and bile salts in the body. The liver then uses cholesterol in your body to replace the bile acids that were excreted. This processes results in a deficit of cholesterol, which in turn lowers a person’s cholesterol (1). It doesn’t just lower total cholesterol. Psyllium improves the good (HDL) to bad (LDL) ratio and in one study lowered LDL Cholesterol as much as 8.2 percent (2).

2. Relieves Constipation

Psyllium can act like a gentle laxative in the body, allowing for constipation relief. It has been found to be superior to docusate sodium and wheat bran for chronic constipation (3)(4).

3. Relieves Diarrhea

Not only does Psyllium Powder Bulk improve constipation but it can be used to treat diarrhea. Due to the plants ability to absorb water, it reduces diarrhea (5).

4.Weight Loss

Psyllium husk powder bulk wholesale has a minor effect on blood sugar which can help regulate weight. This is because if there is an excess of sugar in your blood stream your body stores as fat. It also helps to support weight loss by making you feel full and controlling your appetite cravings (6).

5. Blood Pressure

In a study of 36 people with high blood pressure they ingested 12 grams of psyllium and showed to reduce their blood pressure by 5.9mmHg (7).

With all of these advantageous attributes Psyllium Husk has to offer, it’s no wonder it’s a great fiber choice to add to your daily regime.

Psyllium dosage


Applications: Health drinks, ice cream, bread, biscuits, cakes, jams, instant noodles, cereal breakfasts, etc. to increase fiber content or food swell;

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