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Oct 24, 2019

1. Blueberry fruit growth habits:

Blueberries can grow many times during a growing season, and secondary growth is more common. In southern China, blueberries have two peaks in a year, the first in May-June and the second in mid-July to mid-August. After the seedlings were planted, the growth of the third year was significantly accelerated. The new shoots sprouted more and grew vigorously, and the annual growth could reach more than 1 meter. At the top of the year, many flower buds were formed at the top of the branches, and the flower buds were differentiated from the top. The number of differentiated flower buds per shoot was related to the variety and the thickness of the branches. The high-bush blueberries were generally 4-7, and the rabbit-eye blueberries were 3-6, and the flower buds were in the section. It is dominated by single students. Different types of blueberry have different flower bud differentiation stages. Dwarf bush blueberry and high bush blueberry begin to differentiate from July to August. Rabbit eye blueberry begins in mid-June; by the end of September to early October, blueberry flower bud differentiation has been completed. From a morphological point of view, blueberry flower buds are hypertrophy, oval or nearly spherical. Below the flower buds are some narrow-pointed vegetative buds and dormant buds.

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2. Blueberry fruit origin in China:

The world has a basic distribution, mainly in sunny and sunny regions, such as North Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, Europe, China and Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Changbai Mountain in Jilin, growing at an altitude of 900 to 2300 meters. It is more common in coniferous forests, peat swamps, mountain tundra and pastures, and is also an important part of heather shrubs.

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