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What You Need To Know About Anthocyanins?
Sep 15, 2020

Elderberry is rich in nutrients, especially the content of iron, phosphorus, vitamin A and C is leading in berry fruits. And it contains bioflavonoids, cyanidin and other high antioxidant substances.


Purple sweet potatoes are inherently more "tempting" than sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes because of their higher selenium and anthocyanin ingredients. Purple sweet potato contains a lot of anthocyanins, as well as rich minerals of selenium and mineral iron. Regular supplement can enhance immunity and memory.


Purple cabbage is simply synonymous with a natural weight loss meal. It is rich in anthocyanins, various vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Cabbage Powder

Although the anthocyanin content of purple onion is not the most abundant, it has a good effect of enhancing cell viability. Onion is a food containing prostaglandin A, which can dilate blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity, lower blood pressure, reduce peripheral blood vessels and increase coronary blood flow, and prevent thrombosis. Selenium combined with anthocyanin can promote the excretion of sodium salt and restore the youthful state of the blood.


In addition to rich anthocyanins, black mulberries are also rich in active vitamins, amino acids, resveratrol and other ingredients.


Blueberries are the well-deserved queen of the anthocyanin kingdom and the fruit that has been proven to contain the richest anthocyanins. Blueberries are rich in a large amount of super antioxidants-OPC anthocyanins, regular consumption can make your eyes bright. The dark blue pigment in blueberries contains chemical elements that can promote blood flow into the brain, which can supplement the vitality of the brain.


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