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US FDA Will Meet In April 2019 To Discuss CBD Related Food & Dietary Supplements
Apr 28, 2019

Recently, US FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced that the FDA will hold a meeting on the establishment of a regulatory pathway for the use of cannabidiol (CBD) in dietary supplements and foods in April 2019. The news was announced by Scott Gottlieb at a hearing of the FDA House Appropriations Committee on agriculture and rural development.

Gottlieb's statement is a response to Congressman Mark Pocan's recommendation that the FDA open a CBD for rapid “channels” in dietary supplements and foods, which was proposed by Mark Pocan on December 20, 2018, followed by the 2018 US Farm Bill. Signing. In a December 20 statement, Gottlieb emphasized that the FDA has the authority to issue a regulation that, if it is determined to comply with all other requirements of the FDCA (Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act), including food additives or new dietary ingredients, Natural cannabis compounds such as CBD are allowed to be added to foods or dietary supplements.


However, Gottlieb also pointed out the complexity of the issue in the comments made by the House Appropriations Committee and said that the FDA does not have a good agent to do this through regulation. According to AHPA (American Herbal Products Association), his statement seems to mention the fact that since the FDA was authorized to issue regulations that allow a new drug that has been approved or is being studied as a food or supplement, the agency has been in existence for decades. These drugs have never been used. This shows that the FDA is cautious about the use of new drugs for food and dietary supplements. After all, people's livelihood is greater than days.

The FDA commissioner also responded to questions from Pocan in Germany and Chellie Pingree in the US House of Representatives, saying that the FDA will discuss with the US Congress, if the problem is more complicated, or the FDA believes it will be a multi-year regulatory process.


AHPA Chairman Michael McGuffin said that he is very appreciative of the FDA's commitment to quickly explore all regulatory options to properly regulate dietary supplements and CBD in food, and AHPA will actively participate in the April public meeting. However, this may still be a multi-year process, but it should be of concern to consumers, industry and the FDA, and AHPA encourages the FDA to consider temporary options in the form of guidance or enforcement of discretion. However, if the FDA finally decides that action by Congress is necessary, it also hopes that the legislature will act quickly to resolve this issue in a manner consistent with the obvious intentions of the previous Congress to ensure that Americans have access to cannabis and all its ingredients, including CBD.

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