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Undersun Curcumin Makes The Solid Drink Tender And Appetite
Feb 22, 2019

  In recent years, natural curcumin raw materials have become popular in the market. Whether it's a natural pigmented drink, cake, jam or biscuit or ice cream, it's popular with consumers.

  Today, as consumers' living standards continue to rise and the demand for food and health continues to escalate, trying to solve the problem of food color has plagued every food engineer. There are currently three solutions:

1. The color of the food itself, the benefits of doing so are of course self-evident, but it has its natural shortcomings. For example, the food itself has a small color stability, a single color type, and a high production cost.

2, the use of synthetic pigments, the benefits of this pigment is bright color, good stability and low cost. However, the biggest drawback is the use of synthetic pigments in today's increasingly health-conscious consumers, which is inconsistent with current mainstream consumer values; the other is regulatory restrictions.

3, the use of natural pigments, natural pigment raw materials are derived from natural foods, such as ginger, tomatoes, purple potatoes, rice and so on. With modern extraction or fermentation process, safety is good. Some natural pigments and even high nutrients are not only used in food, but also widely used in health care products and medicine. It is the ideal food coloring solution in the context of consumer upgrades.

Undersun Foods is a company specializing in the production and sale of natural pigments to provide customers with the best food coloring solutions. Recently, it has provided coloring solutions for matcha products developed by famous foreign food companies in China. Finally, it was chosen as the best solution among many competing products. It is now in test machine state and will be mass produced.

If you are a food engineer and need related services, we are always ready to provide you with the best products and services.


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