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Undersun Introducing Highly Water-soluble Curcumin
Nov 20, 2018

Shaanxi Undersun Biomedtech Co., Ltd. has launched a new organic, high water-soluble turmeric extract ingredient Undersun. It is said that the new product can be easily applied to a variety of products without affecting the texture or precipitation of the product.

In recent years, curcumin has been widely recognized and accepted by consumers for its versatility. Its application has been among the forefront of plant materials in the US market for many years, and more consumers are beginning to seek more complex flavors and new experiences. According to AFS, new products are developed for the growing needs of consumers.


Undersun uses a different extraction process and concentration process than other turmeric products. At the same time, many turmeric products on the market are insoluble and may cause precipitation in the final product. The new product is a clean solution with a high degree of stability and shelf life of up to two years.


Undersun is a standard, homogeneous ingredient that provides manufacturers with a simple solution that delivers the flavor of turmeric products while providing a fresh flavor to the product.

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