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Undersun Inspects Our Organic Vegetable Base In Zhejiang
Aug 20, 2019

On 17th August, 2019, the manager of  Undersun went to Zhejiang, where we have our organic vegetable growing base.

Organic vegetables refer to the strict obligation of organic production rules in the production process of vegetables. It is forbidden to use any chemically synthesized pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth regulators and other chemical substances, as well as genetic engineering organisms and their products, but follow the laws of nature and ecology. Adopt a series of sustainable agricultural technologies, coordinate planting balance, maintain a stable agricultural ecosystem, and be certified by organic food certification agencies, and issue organic food certificates for vegetable products.

Undersun can provide high quality 100% pure vegetable powder,containing organic spinach powder, organic kale powder, organic broccoli powder, organic beetroot powder, organic garlic powder, organic carrot powder, organic barley grass powder, organic wheat grass powder, organic ginger powder.          

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