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Shanghai CAC Exhibition N3C77
May 29, 2018

 CAC, short for "China International Exhibition on Agricultural Chemicals and Plant Protection," was first held in 1999. After 18 years of rapid development, CAC has become the world's largest agricultural chemical exhibition and won UFI in 2012. Certification. The CAC2018 exhibition focuses on the new normal, new areas, and new opportunities. Through various forms such as exhibitions, professional conferences, and new product and new technology releases, it closely tracks the pulse of the industry and brings together the essence of industry elite thinking. It is strategic in the perspective of globalization. Vision, leading the industry to a new height.

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  Shaanxi Undersun Biomedtech Co.,Ltd For a long time, adhering to the concept of natural, organic and healthy, it has devoted great efforts to the research, development and application of biological pesticides. Through unremitting efforts, we have gained unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad.



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