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Seaweed Products Grew By More Than 5.0% In 2022.
Jun 10, 2019

    Seaweed extract From an application point of view, global algae products can be divided into food & feed, health nutrition, coloring & coloring agents, environmental pollution, drugs and other aspects. In all applications, health supplements dominate the global algae market and are expected to remain stable in the near future. The range of applications of algae in products is expanding and is expected to bring high returns to algae producers worldwide.

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    The growing demand for algae in the health and nutrition industry and the pharmaceutical industry is a major factor driving the global algae market. Whether in developed or developing countries, consumers' growing health awareness is another driving force driving the stable development of the market. The global health care and pharmaceutical industries continue to increase demand for products derived from algae such as carotenoids, beta- or radish, Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids and astaxanthin. Due to the numerous health benefits of algae products, the report predicts that the market demand for algae products in the food and feed supplement industry will also rise steadily. In addition to these application areas, the increasing use and deepening of algae research in developed regions such as North America and Europe will stimulate the demand and development of the algae market.

    The Asia Pacific region accounts for the largest consumer group of algae products in the world. The huge demand for algae in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries is the main reason for the demand for algae products in the region. The increase in the local algae research industry will increase the demand for algae products in North America. The demand for algae products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and the rest of the world will also stimulate the market growth of global algae products during the forecast period.

    The report also pointed out that the main trends of the global algae market in 2015-2022 are mainly divided into three aspects: the scope of application is expanding; the health benefits are gradually increasing; more and more research on algae and its products brings new opportunities for its development.

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