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Quality Issues Facing: Combating Adulterated Products
Dec 06, 2018

When ingredients such as curcumin are so rapidly popular, unfortunately, responsible dietary supplement companies often need to compete with low-quality adulterated products.

Some industry speculators have seized the opportunity to penetrate the market with synthetic materials, either mistaken for “natural sources” or use synthetic raw materials. "

A pioneer in the introduction and supply of natural, high-purity curcumin market, which strictly controls the source, and after using good agricultural practices (GAP), obtains each batch of curcumin from the roots of turmeric cultivated by contract farmers. After the discovery of synthetic curcumin on the market, a carbon 14 analysis, a sensitive test, was used to determine whether the sample was natural or synthetic, or whether there were traces of synthetic adulteration. By using this technology, Sabinsa has taken an important step in the fight against adulteration.

The Global Curcumin Association is testing random ingredients and finished products as part of their work plan. Monheit, Executive Director of the Association, recommends that product developers ensure that the correct quality materials are used, that third-party testing is performed using laboratories familiar with USP methods, and, ideally, laboratories using radioisotope methods are regularly inspected for artificial blending. false.

Mr. Hou of  Chian said that manufacturers expect today's suppliers to have greater transparency and compliance. “The market is characterized by a stricter legal and regulatory framework and more and more quality control.”

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