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Production Process Of Undersun ’s Mushroom Extraction Technology
Dec 04, 2019

Edible fungi (reishi mushroom extract polysaccharides) have been researched by Chinese Undersun manufacturers for many years, using the essence of 3,000 years of Chinese herbal plants-edible fungi (tens of species selected from tens of thousands of non-toxic Harmless, side-effect-free and pharmacologically active edible fungi, medicinal fungi, and food-based traditional Chinese medicine with medicinal value.

mushroom extract manufacturer-undersunmushroom extract manufacturer-undersun

First, confirm the raw materials and check the delivery amount, check the name, specifications, batch number and quantity of the materials before picking, and check the types and appearance quality of the materials; To conduct research on the extraction, purification, separation and identification of polysaccharides and functional aspects, and to open up new applications of biotechnology in the field of edible fungi and health products.

Through standard scale and weighing operation, scientific and reasonable proportioning is carried out. After quality control review, it is processed by international advanced machines such as granulation, drying, and granulation. It follows the standard and strict management system, and inspects the equipment and production environment before production to ensure the safety and health of production equipment. Multi-channel quality control screening of semi-finished products during production is dedicated to making high quality of each product. Next, the internationally advanced fully automatic packaging machine is used for internal and external packaging. Weighing, filling, sealing and other functions are integrated into one, with high degree of automation, flexibility and reliability, and realize the automation of the packaging process from bag feeding to sealing. Finally, put it in a warehouse and store it in a closed place.

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