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Plant Polysaccharides Second Deep Product Training
Jul 24, 2018

  Polysaccharide is a kind of complex and huge saccharide which is composed of a plurality of monosaccharide molecules condensed and dehydrated. It is one of the four basic substances that constitute life. Polysaccharides have been extracted from nearly one hundred plants, and these plant polysaccharides have very important and special biological activities.

Product training



  Hou always made a guiding speech, mainly explaining the concept of plant polysaccharides, market prospects, product standards and testing basis, as well as the development direction of the company's polysaccharide products.


  The director of the production department Zhang mainly talked about the production process of polysaccharides, quality control, and how to guide sales to better serve customers.



 The manager of the sales department mainly analyzes the customer's requirements for product quality and the different requirements of the customer's different dosage forms, including color appearance, taste, solubility and content.


  The history manager of the Purchasing Department explained in detail the standards of the original medicinal materials and the quality control of the raw materials for the raw materials. Good products are inseparable from good raw materials.


  Director Zhang of the Technical Department mainly explained the basis and method of testing different polysaccharide standards, which made the sales more clear the various standards of polysaccharide products.

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