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Organic Turmeric Powder Manufacturer​
Jun 20, 2019

Organic Turmeric powder manufacturerwe provide organic solutions and innovations for nearly 20 industries in more than 40 countries, including food and beverages, superfoods, dietary supplements, vegetarian foods and nutritional products.

Our enthusiasm is to provide innovative, cost-effective ingredient solutions that keep you ahead of the trend. Let's see what works together. Whether you operate globally or locally, we strive to keep you ahead of the trend and increase profitability. Please feel free to contact us or send an email to [email protected]

1. Produce high quality organic extracts.

2. Functional formula solution.

3. Customized according to customer needs.

4. Warehouse in Los Angeles, USA.

Existing equipment: 1 set of 4 tons of natural gas boiler, 1 set of medicinal material crusher, 4 sets of 6 cubic multi-function extracting tanks, 4 sets of 20 cubic liquid storage tanks, 1 set of plate and frame filter, 4 sets of single-effect external circulation vacuum concentration The total water evaporation is 4,500 liters/hour, 2 cubic cubes, 2 2 cubic reactors, 1 three-leg centrifuge, 1 evaporation/hour spray drying tower, 1 vacuum drying oven. 1 hot air drying oven, 1 universal crusher, 2 mixers, 1 vibrating screen, 3 stirring pots, etc.

Processing capacity: Under the full load operation of 24 hours, the raw material dosage can reach 6-8 tons/day, and the processing capacity of the finished product in the latter stage is about 2 tons/day.

Processing method: make an appointment with the sales staff, confirm the processing fee, arrange the transportation of raw materials and finished products, and pay for the goods.


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