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NPC2016 Guangzhou International Health And Nutrition Health Products Exhibition
May 29, 2018

  The 2016 Guangzhou International Health, Nutrition and Health Care Products Exhibition (NPC2016) will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Center on December 12-14, 2016. NPC2016 will focus on the promotion of the high-end nutritional and health products market in China. The organizers will use HNC Shanghai to successfully hold seven years of experience, integrate high-quality resources across the country, and widely recruit health care product distributors, agents, retail stores, chain pharmacies and supermarkets to help exhibitors explore The health product market in the Pearl River Delta Region provides companies with channels to expand, establish a brand image, and build a professional business platform.

  Fi Asia-China, Hi & Ni (Asian Food Ingredients, Healthy Natural Ingredients China Exhibition) has been successfully held in Shanghai for 18 years and is one of the outstanding exhibitions under the Fi Global Exhibition. The Fi Hi Ni Global Brand Brand Exhibition has been held since 1986 and has footprints in Europe, South America, Asia and other countries and regions. It has 12 global trade events and attracts hundreds of thousands of exhibitors and buyers from more than 160 countries and regions each year. Family.


 Finefood Shanghai High-end Food and Beverage Fair is a comprehensive high-end food and beverage themed exhibition held in conjunction with the Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Expo. It includes imported food and beverage exhibitions, coffee and tea exhibitions, baking and ice cream exhibitions, and wine and spirits exhibitions.This section has always been one of the areas that are lively, eye-catching and worth looking forward to.



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