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High Quality Organic Turmeric Powder
Apr 24, 2019


Shaanxi Undersun is one of the Chinese organic turmeric powder suppliers and has been a plant extract manufacturer for 15 years. The curcumin we supply to our customers is very pure. Shaanxi axa provides customers with the best quality curcumin, which can only be achieved through the right equipment and manpower. Our food ingredients are turmeric extracts from reputable suppliers that are then screened and processed because there is sufficient equipment to meet the processing requirements. Our curcumin extract supply in major markets has found an encouraging counterattack as we have established our own superior resources for the highest quality turmeric extract. Shaanxi Undersun is ready to provide any quantity that can be used directly. Products are widely used in the United States, Europe, with high nutritional value and a variety of medicinal values. In addition, in order to ensure the original flavor, fragrance, color and cleanliness, we also strictly test our extraction restrictions.

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