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Edible Bacteria Face Problems In The Development Of Health Food And Solutions
May 07, 2019

Processing technology needs to be improved. The production of edible fungi in our company is relatively mature, but the post-production processing started late, and the primary processing technology is still the main. In the future, deep processing of Edible fungi should focus on high value-added health products and biopharmaceutical fields, and study the chemical composition, physical and chemical properties of functional factors in edible fungi, and various changes that may occur during the storage and processing of edible fungi. According to the characteristics of different functional factors in edible fungi, different processing techniques are selected to ensure their stable existence. At the same time, when the process is selected, the loss of nutrients should be minimized to contain certain nutrients. In addition, when selecting the processing technology, special techniques should be considered to cover the odor of the edible fungus to improve the flavor and taste of the edible fungus health food.

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Undersun Biomedtech Corp Rational development of product development The development of edible fungi health foods should be diversified and serialized as much as possible in terms of raw material selection and product form. At present, many enterprises are too keen on pursuing hot products when they are in the project, so that the homogenization of products in the market is more serious, directly affecting the business efficiency and market development. Therefore, we should pay attention to the market research of edible fungi health foods when projecting, and avoid excessive concentration of commodity types.


Strengthening the industrialization and standardization of edible fungi production In today's world trend, vigorously promoting the development of health food, the edible fungus market is in line with the international standards. We should also strengthen the industrialization and standardization of edible fungi production, and further study the new technology of edible fungi processing. At present, we should arm the edible fungus processing industry with high technology as soon as possible to promote the development of intensive processing, and fully utilize microwave technology, freeze drying technology, vacuum frying technology, ultrafine powder technology, extrusion technology, membrane separation technology, etc. Rapidly improve the level of edible fungus processing industry; should develop new raw materials and new formulas for edible fungi production, conduct comprehensive utilization research on edible fungus waste culture materials, and realize ecological virtuous cycle; strengthen breeding of edible fungi varieties and domestication of rare edible fungi And development.

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