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Red Yeast Rice Extract

Red Yeast Rice Extract

Product name:Red Yeast Rice Extract
Grade:Food Grade
Source:Red yeast rice
Specification:lovastatin 0.8% ~1.5%
Applying: Food, Beverage
Free Sample: 15-20g

What is Red Yeast Rice Extract?

Red yeast rice extract, also called Went Yeast, has been used for centuries in China as both food and medicine. It is made by fermenting a type of yeast called Monascus purpureus over red rice. In Chinese medicine, red yeast rice is used to lower cholesterol, improve blood circulation, and improve digestion.

Chinese red rice yeast extract contains chemicals that are similar to prescription statin medications. One of these, called monacolin K, has the same makeup as the drug lovastatin (Mevacor). Doctors prescribe statins to lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels and help reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Basic Information:

Product NameRed Yeast Rice Extract
AppearanceRed purple fine powder
GradeFood grade
Test metholdHPLC
Storage conditionsStore in cool & dry place, Keep away from strong light and heat.

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Red Yeast Rice Powder Bulk Benefits:

1) Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a serious health problem linked to obesity, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. The most effective way to control cholesterol levels and prevent these conditions is to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices; however, some people are prone to high cholesterol regardless of these choices.

Red rice yeast extract lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides and raises good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. It may also prevent weight gain and maintain normal levels of liver enzymes and leptin.

In multiple studies with almost 8,000 participants between them, people supplementing with red yeast rice had decreased LDL and total cholesterol, with no damage to liver or kidney function.

2) Heart Disease

Triglycerides, like cholesterol, are a type of fatty compound found in the blood. Recent studies have found that triglycerides are more likely than cholesterol to cause heart disease and stroke.Red yeast rice lowers both cholesterol and triglycerides and measurably reduces the rate of heart attacks. In nearly 5,000 patients who had already suffered a heart attack, long-term red yeast rice supplementation lowered mortality rates by a third and cut the likelihood of a future heart attack in half, from 10.5% to 5.7%.

In combination with coenzyme Q10, red rice yeast extract also makes blood vessels more flexible. Stiff blood vessels, especially arteries, increase the risk of plaques forming in the vessels; these blockages can eventually lead to heart attack, stroke, and other complications.

(3)Cardiac Inflammation

Chinese researchers have extensively studied xuezhikang, a red yeast rice extract, for its anti-inflammatory effects. In 50 patients with coronary heart disease, 1200 mg of xuezhikang per day produced decreased markers of inflammation and triglycerides.

In rats with high cholesterol, red yeast rice decreased the expression of genes that cause inflammation. The rats that ate the supplement had decreased levels of TNF-α and IL-6, two compounds that increase inflammation.

Monascustin, one of the active compounds of red yeast rice, may inhibit a gene called HDAC1. We do not yet fully understand how HDAC1 controls inflammation, but this relationship may be responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect of RYR [35,.

4) Metabolic Syndrome & Blood Sugar

Metabolic syndrome is a collection of conditions including obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, insulin resistance, high levels of triglycerides, and low levels of good cholesterol (HDL). People with metabolic syndrome also have increased inflammation and are prone to inflammatory conditions [37, 38].

Red yeast rice can lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar; it also has anti-inflammatory and bone–strengthening effects. More research is required before doctors actively prescribe red yeast rice for metabolic syndrome; however, most of their hesitation has to do with citrinin toxicity and an inconsistent chemical profile. Red rice yeast extract is a useful nutraceutical for managing metabolic syndrome and obesity.

5) Kidney Function

High cholesterol and triglycerides can cause serious kidney damage if left untreated. Through its effect on these fats, red yeast rice extract with coq10 protected the kidneys from injury in a rat study.

The effect of red yeast rice on healthy kidneys is currently unknown. Furthermore, some red yeast rice may be contaminated with citrinin, which can cause kidney damage. We do not recommend red yeast rice as a supplement for kidney health.

6) Bone Health

In one rat study, red yeast rice reduced bone loss in rats with osteoporosis. Animals given red yeast rice extract with coq10 supplements had higher bone mineral density and healthier bone cells than those without the supplement.

A study of white rabbits demonstrated a similar effect. In this study, however, the researchers added a red yeast rice extract to grafts and applied these grafts to a rabbit’s skull. The grafts that included red yeast rice extract showed improved bone growth compared to grafts without the extract.

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Red Yeast Rice Extract Uses:

Red Yeast Rice Powder has been used in traditional cooking for centuries to promote general well-being. It is produced by the fermentation of red yeast with white rice to create monacolin K which is used in prescription medication to block the production of bad cholesterol.

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