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Juniper Berry Powder

Juniper Berry Powder

Product Name:Juniper Berries Extract
Form: Powder
Appearance:Brown Powder
Specification:10:1, 20:1
Size:100% pass 80 mesh
Shelf Life:2 years
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We are mainly supplying powder form raw materials for businesses that manufacture supplements, food, drinks,cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and so on. All products are ISO9001 and FDA certified. Free samples are available.

What is Juniper Berry Powder

Juniper berry powder (Juniperus communis L.) belongs to a genus that includes 60 to 70 different species. The most commonly used form of Juniper berries is the Juniperus communis L. variation. The common name is juniper, also known as juniperi fructus, common juniper, and "boughs of the supernatural."

Juniper powder are classified in the culinary herb/spice category because they are commonly used as a flavoring for drinks and in cooking and preserving foods. it is also considered an herbal bitter and is thought to help promote digestion.

juniper powder

Basic Information:

Product namejuniper berries extract
Latin nameJuniperus communis
AppearanceBrown powder
Specification10:1, 20:1
Part usedberry
Test methodTLC
Partical sizeNLT 95% Pass 80 mesh
Shelf life2 years

juniper powder benefits

Juniper Berry Powder Benefits:

1. High in nutrients and powerful plant compounds

Juniper berry powder are high in vitamin C, flavonoid antioxidants, monoterpenes, and coumarins, all of which may offer various health benefits.

2. Provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects

Juniper berry powder contain essential oils and flavonoids that offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

3. May have antidiabetic properties

Some rodent studies indicate that juniper berry extract may improve high blood sugar levels, though research in humans is lacking.

4. Could promote heart health

Some animal research suggests that juniper powder may improve heart disease risk factors, but studies in humans are lacking.

5. Antibacterial and antifungal activity

Test-tube and animal studies indicate that juniper powder provides strong antibacterial and antifungal effects. However, human studies are needed to confirm these benefits.

juniper berry application


1.Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills.

2.Functional food as capsules or pills.

3.Water-soluble beverages.

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