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Allulose Sweetener

Allulose Sweetener

Product Name:Allulose
Appearance:White crystalline powder
Test Method:HPLC
Sample: 10-20g Free Sample
Certification: GMO free, NOP EU , ISO,SC, Kosher, certificate

What is Allulose Sweetener?

Allulose Sweetener is delicious and completely calorie-free. It tastes just like sugar... but with a mild, clean sweetness and absolutely no bitterness or aftertaste. A rare sugar found in figs, raisins and kiwi, Allulose is perfect for low-carb diets and has no glycemic impact on blood sugar (nor does it contain any fillers or artificial flavors).

Available in granulated and liquid varieties, this sweetener is ideal for baking fluffy recipes like cakes, muffins and quick breads. Our Allulose dissolves easily, making it perfect for coffee, tea, smoothies and making mousse.

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Product NameAllulose Sweetener
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Test MethodHPLC
GradeFood Grade
SampleFreely Offered
MOQAny order quantity is welcome
StorageStore in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.
Packing1kg/Foil bag, 25kgs/Drum (Two plastic-bags inside with Paper-drums), Or as per customer's requirements.)
Shelf Life2 years under well storage situation.

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Allulose Sweetener Benefits and Uses:

1. Promotes Weight Loss

One of the biggest differences between allulose powdered sweetener vs. sugar is in terms of calorie content. In fact, allulose contains just 0.4 calories per gram, which is about 90 percent less calories than sugar.

Decreasing calorie consumption is an easy way to ramp up weight loss. When paired with regular exercise and a healthy, well-rounded diet, swapping it in for table sugar can help you cut back on calories, which may boost weight loss.

2. Enhances Fat Loss

In addition to promoting weight loss, promising research suggests that allulose sweetener could also increase fat loss. A 2013 animal model out of Japan, for example, showed that administering allulose to rats on a high-sugar diet was able to inhibit both weight gain and fat accumulation.

Another animal study in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition had similar findings, reporting that feeding allulose to mice increased energy expenditure and decreased body fat. According to the study, allulose also altered the activity of certain enzymes involved in the digestion of fats and carbohydrates, which may also positively impact weight loss.

3. Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

Some studies show that allulose can be a powerful tool to help promote better blood sugar control. Not only is the allulose glycemic index low, meaning that it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels, but it may also protect the beta cells in the pancreas, which are responsible for the production of insulin.

One 2010 study found that consuming allulose sweetener alongside a meal led to significant reductions in blood sugar levels after 30–60 minutes. Other research shows that it could also decrease levels of insulin, which may improve the body’s ability to transport sugar from the bloodstream to the cells more efficiently.

4. Supports Liver Health

Although current research is limited to mostly animal models, some studies have found that allulose can reduce the storage of fat in the liver. This could potentially help protect against fatty liver disease, a serious disorder that can eventually lead to cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver.

One animal study published in Journal of Food Science showed that supplementing with allulose decreased fat buildup in the liver while also reducing body weight and fat mass. Another animal model out of Seoul demonstrated that allulose could reduce hepatic concentrations of cholesterol and triglycerides, which may also help enhance liver health.

5. May Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a normal immune response that our bodies use to help defend against infection. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, can worsen symptoms of autoimmune disorders and may contribute to serious conditions like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.


Allulose provides a satisfying sweet taste for dairy products, beverages, baked goods, candy and other foods.Can be as a healthy alternative to traditional sweeteners. Allulose powdered sweetener also promotes the secretion of glucagon - like peptide 1 (glp-1), Play a role in lowering blood sugar.



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