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Tongkat Ali Extract 1:200

Tongkat Ali Extract 1:200

Product Name:Tongkat Ali Extract 1:200
Latin Name: Eurycoma longifolia
Actitive Ingredients: Eurycomanone
Botanic Name :Eurycoma Longifolia Jack
Plant Part: Tongkat Ali Root
Specification:Eurycomanone 1%, 2%; 100:1, 200:1
Test Methods: TLC
Appearance: brown yellow fine powder
Mesh Size: 100% pass 80 mesh
Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;
Stock in LA USA warehouse;
5. Supply custom service;

What is Tongkat Ali Extract 1:200?

Tongkat Ali Extract 1:200 is a popular folk name for Eurycoma longifolia, a medium size slender tree reaching 10 metres in height. The name Tongkat Ali means Alis walking stick. Another folk name for the plant is Longjack. Tongkat Ali is native to Malaysia, lower Burma, Thailand, and Indonesia. The root is employed as a traditional remedy for the treatment of malaria, high blood pressure, fevers, fatigue, loss of sexual desire, and impotence.

Tongkat Ali Extract contains the effective ingredient tongkat ali, increase muscle mass, reduce body fat and increase sex drive.For Tongkat Ali Extract, the ratios of 1:50, 1:100, and tongkat ali extract 1 200 are common on the market. However extracts based on this ratio system are often misleading and hard to verify, and in many cases the quality varies between products and batches.

pure tongkat ali extract 1 200

Basic Information:

TypeHerbal Extract

Tongkat Ali
Extraction TypeSolvent Extraction
GradePharmaceutical Grade
Model NumberBotanical Extract
ColorBrown powder
Test MethodHPLC
Loss on Drying5%
Product NameTongkat Ali Root Extract

tongkat ali extract 1 200 benefits

Tongkat Ali Extract 1:200 Benefits:

1. Tongkat ali and Heart or bones

The main action that Tongkat Ali Extract 1:200 performs is to boosting the sex drive in both men and women through building testo---. An increased test--- level results in many known health benefits. Decreased risk of depression, less body fat, a stronger heart and bones, and a decreased risk of Alzheimer's disease are just a few. Tongkat is most known for its testo--- building aspects which lead to a large number of other advantages.

2. Tongkat ali and Athletic Performance

An increased level of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is another effect of tongkat ali extract 1 200, improving overall energy and vivacity. Significant enhancements in both athletic performance and muscle mass have been experienced in users of the agent. Thanks to the anabolic effects of Tongkat a large number of Southeast Asian athletes have begun using the substance with improved athletic results

3. Tongkat ali and Muscle Mass

Tongkat ali root extract 1 200 has been scientifically proven to induce muscle growth in men by 5% on average. The British Journal of Sports Medicine reinforced this by using a double-blind, placebo controlled trial. The journal also showed an average 1.8cm increase in the group’s arm circumference (30.87cm to 32.67cm).

4. Tongekat Ali and Energy Levels

By increasing the body's metabolic rate and improving blood circulation enhanced energy levels have been experienced upon ingesting the supplement. One down side is the experience of insomnia and excessive fatigue the following day when not taking the proper dosage, but by taking the correct amounts earlier in the day you can experience all of the benefits and no negative side effects.

Tongkat Ali Powder Dosage

Tongkat Ali Extract (100:1): 25 mg orally every 2-3 days recommended by one manufacturer

Tongkat Ali Powder: 200 mg orally once/day or 400 mg orally every other day

Tongkat Ali Powder dosage


1. Improve the human sexual function and rapid recovery of strength;
2. Enhance human fertility and improve male sperm production, improve spermactivity;
3. Repair and nourish human gonads and reproductive system, effect on the elimination of prostatitis symptoms;4. Prevent and cure the malaria, and has been proven to have great potential to treat cancer.

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