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Mimosa Powder

Mimosa Powder

Product Name:Mimosa Hostilis Powder
Appearance:Brown powder
Extraction source:root bark
Specification:10:1 20:1 30:1 50:1
Ingredient:Flavonoid glycosides, phenols, amino acids, organic acids
Test Method:HPLC/UV
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We are mainly supplying powder form raw materials for businesses that manufacture supplements, food, drinks,cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and so on. All products are ISO9001 and FDA certified. Free samples are available.

What is mimosa powder

The mimosa powder is one of the most popular products on Avalon Magic Plants. It is also popularly known as Mimosa tenuiflora, as well as Mimosa jurema. The root of this herb has an effective role in the history of psychedelism and shamanism. It is considered as the only herb that is used as a concoction that is ingested orally. Its effects can be quite strong, but also dangerous if used the wrong way.

The mimosa bark powder is a type of plant that is found in the jungles of South America, especially in Brazil. The plant contains active alkaloid properties, which endows it with certain characteristics similar to those produced by LSD, only in a totally natural and much stronger way.

mimosa bark powder

Basic Information:

Product NameMimosa Hostilis Root Bark Extract Powder in Bulk
Plant SourceMimosa Pudica Linn
AppearanceBrown yellow powderPart UsedRoot Bark
Active IngredientMimoside, Crocetin, FlavoneParticle Size100% Pass 80 mesh
Extract MethodSolvent ExtractionExtraction SolventWater or Alcohol
Application Fieldhealth care raw materialMain FunctionsClearing heat, anti-inflammation, detumescence, etc.
Free samplefree sample available, while shipping cost borneCustomers DistributionCustomers from South and North America, EU countries, Australia, etc.
Storage ConditionCool and Dry PlaceShelf Life24 months under proper storage condition

Mimosa Powder Benefits

Mimosa Powder Benefits:

1.This plant has high concentration of tannins, which is very well known as one of the best natural blood clotting. It cures very fast any inflammation or infection. It is great for treatments of the skin, such as burns, scars and other chronic skin conditions.

2.The mimosa powder protect and stimulate the collagen, for that reason it can cure easily any kind of severe burns, leaving no scars at the end of the treatment.

3.The Mimosa hostilis root bark can be eaten and drunk, and it is really delicious if has as a company lemon and honey. You will see all the good it can do to your body in about an hour after you had taken this.

4.Mimosa bark powder'S components act as a pharmaceutical raw materials for inflammations and infections. It can cure in less than an hour.

5.The components of mimosa hostilis bark powder improve the blood circulation and calm the nerves as well.

mimosa hostilis root benefits


1. As raw materials for clearing away heat, anti-inflammation, detumescence and more.

2. As products effective ingredients for improving blood circulation and soothing the nerves, it is mainly used in health product industry.

3. As active ingredients of skin care products, it is mainly used in cosmetic industry.

mimosa hostilis application

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