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Cynanchum Atratum Extract

Cynanchum Atratum Extract

Product Name:Cynanchum Atratum Extract / Radix Cynanchi Atrati Extract
Color:Off White Powder
Application :Cosmetic

What is Cynanchum Atratum Extract?

Cynanchum atratum extract (Apocynaceae) is a folk medicine to treat skin inflammatory diseases. However, the effects of cynanchum atratum extract on atopic dermatitis have not been elucidated.

In this study, we evaluate the effects of aqueous extract of cynanchum atratum extract for skin and its molecular mechanism on atopic dermatitis (AD). 1 and 100mg/mL cynanchum atratum extract powder were topically applied to 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene (DNCB)-induced AD-like skin lesions for 11 days. The number of scratching behavior was evaluated for 20min. AD-like symptoms including elevated serum IgE, skin hyperplasia and mast cell infiltration were investigated.

cynanchum atratum extract for skin

Basic Information:

Product NameCynanchum Atratum Essence
Other nameCynanchum Atratum Extract
SolubilityWater Soluble
Active IngredientCynanchum Atratum glycosides, alkaloids
GradeCosmetic grade
Testing MethodsTest the mass of the remaining substance after the liquid is evaporated at a high temperature of 102 ° C for 1 hour
Process flowAlcohol extraction-multiple extraction-chromatographic separation
FunctionsSkin care
UsageExternal use
ApplicationWashing and care products, such as lotions, masks, creams, facial cleansers, lotions, hair care essences, etc.

cynanchum atratum extract powder

Cynanchum Atratum Extract Benefits:

Cynanchum atratum extract (Apocynaceae) is a people medication to treat skin fiery illnesses. Nonetheless, the impacts of C. atratum on atopic dermatitis have not been clarified. In this review, we assess the impacts of fluid concentrate of cynanchum atratum extract and its sub-atomic component on atopic dermatitis (Promotion).

1 and 100 mg/mL cynanchum atratum extract for skin were topically applied to 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene (DNCB)- instigated Promotion like skin sores for 11 days. The quantity of scratching conduct was assessed for 20 min. Promotion like side effects including raised serum IgE, skin hyperplasia and pole cell invasion were explored. The statements of favorable to provocative cytokines and go betweens were broke down in Promotion like skin armies. Moreover, favorable to provocative cytokine creation was affirmed in human pole cells (HMC)- 1 animated with PMA in addition to A23187 (PMACI). Effective utilization of cynanchum atratum extract for skin constricted complete serum IgE level and scratching conduct.

Skin hyperplasia including epidermis and dermis was enhanced in cynanchum atratum extract-treated skin armies. The quantity of penetrated pole cells was essentially diminished by CA treatment. Also, cynanchum atratum extract powder decreased supportive of fiery cytokines, for example, IL-6, IL-1β and TNF-α and Th2 cytokine, IL-4, in both of Promotion like skin sores and PMACI-sharpened HMC-1 cells. Besides, CA diminished the statements of NF-κB, phospho-IκBα and Guide kinase. These outcomes recommend the inhibitory impacts of CA on the improvement of Promotion by directing supportive of incendiary cytokines and middle people. CA could be a powerful substance for the treatment of Promotion.

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