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Alpha Arbutin Extract

Alpha Arbutin Extract

Product Name:Alpha Arbutin Extract
Source:Bearberry Extract
Used Part:Leaf
Test Method:HPLC
CAS No:84380-01-8
Molecular Formula:C12H16O7
Molecular Weight:272.25
Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;
Packing :25kgs/drum or 1kg/bag;
Stock in LA USA warehouse;

What is Alpha Arbutin Extract?

Alpha Arbutin Extract is derived from the leaves of fruits such as bearberry (uva-ursi), pear and cranberry, and it is sometimes made synthetically. Arbutin extract is used by dermatologists as a topical skin lightening agent for treating hyperpigmentation. It is categorized as a plant extract and tyrosinase inhibitor (a fancy word for a skin lightening agent).

“Arbutin is a molecule extracted from the bearberry plant that prevents the formation of melanin,” Lin explains. He compares arbutin extract to two other gentle brighteners: kojic acid (derived from mushrooms) and licorice root (derived from the licorice plant). “[They] are derived from different natural ingredients, but they all function as tyrosinase inhibitors to provide skin lightening and brightening effects,” he says.

Brown spots come from pigments that are produced in cells called melanocytes, which contain enzymes called tyrosinase. They can activate anytime they come in contact with UV light, which is why you’ll notice freckles and sun spots starting to develop if you spend too much time in the sun.3 That’s when alpha arbutin extract comes in—it blocks tyrosinase and keeps dark spots at bay.

arbutin extract

Basic Information:

Product Name :alpha arbutin powder
Batch Quantity :1000kg
Source :Bearberry Extract
ItemsSpecificationTest Result
AssayMin 99%99.77%
Physical &Chemical Control

Appearancewhite powderComplies
Paiticle sizePass 80 meshComplies
Melting Point195-200°C199.7-200.5°C
Heavy Metals

Microbiological Control

Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/g<100cfu/g

Alpha Arbutin Powder benefits

Alpha Arbutin Extract Benefits:

Reduction of pigmentation - Alpha Arbutin Extract stops tyrosinase from becoming active under the UV rays' influence that helps skin limit melanin production. This means lesser pigmentation and achievement of a better, more even skin tone. It also helps get rid of pigmentation from aging, acne, redness, and preventing the same. It also is found to be beneficial in fighting melasma.

Brightening skin – Through the reduction of melanin production, alpha arbutin helps brighten skin.

Evens out skin tone – By reduction of melanin production, Alpha Arbutin Extract evens out the appearance of skin tone. It helps diminish sun spots and patchy discoloration.

Substitute of hydroquinone – Alpha Arbutin Extract is a safer, less toxic substitute of hydroquinone. Arbutin extract only stops melanin production, whereas hydroquinone kills the cells responsible for the production of melanin.

Gentle on the skin – Unlike other skin brighteners, arbutin extract irritates the skin the least. It also does not dry the skin out. Now, why does this happen? Because the active components of alpha arbutin are released slowly and steadily into the skin, unlike other agents.

Alpha Arbutin Extract Application:

1. Alpha arbutin powder is applied in cosmetic field.

(1) It can protect the skin against damage caused by free radicals.

(2) Arbutin powder is a skin whitening agent which is very popular in Japan and Asian countries for skin de-pigmentation.

(3) It inhibits the formation of melanin pigment by inhibiting Tyrosinase activity.

(4) It is very safe skin agent for external use which does not have toxicity, stimulation, unpleasant odor or side effect such as Hydroqinone.

(5) It mainly gives three main properties; Whitening effects, anti- age effect and UVB/ UVC filter .

2. It is applied in medical field.

(1) It was first used in medical areas as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent.

(2) It was used particularly for cystitis, urethritis and pyelitis.

(3) It may be used to repress the virulence of bacterial pathogens and to prevent contaminating bacteria.

(4) It is used for treating allergic inflammation of the skin .

(5) It has been used to prevent pigmentation and to whiten the skin beautifully.

(6) It can be used to whiten the skin, to prevent liver spots and freckles, to treat sunburn marks and to regulate melanogenesis.

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