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Lycopene Powder Bulk

Lycopene Powder Bulk

Product Name:Lycopene
Latin Name: Solanum lycopersicum
Used Part: Fruit
Appearance: Brownish red Powder
Grade: Food & Medical
Applying: Food, Beverage
Free Sample: 15-20g

What is Lycopene Powder Bulk?

Lycopene powder bulk are made of a bright red, naturally occurring carotenoid. Lycopene is found in red fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes. Lycopene powder is a powerfull antioxidant. It makes tomatoes red. It is soluble in oils and insoluble in water. Lycopene is easily absorbed by the organism and is naturally present in human plasma and tissues in higher concentrations than the other carotenoids.

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Basic Information:

Sieve analysis

60 to 80 mesh

Loss on Drying

5.0% max


5.0% Max

Pesticide Residue


Residual solvent

0.05% max

Heavy Metals

10 ppm max


1ppm max


0.2ppm Max

Total Bacterial Count

1000 cfu/g max

Total Molds Count

100 cfu/g max

Staphylococcus aureus


E. Coli




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Lycopene Powder Bulk Benefits:

1. May Aid Cancer Treatment

Lycopene fights inflammation, thereby showing promise in aiding cancer treatment (2). It scavenges free radicals and reduces oxidative stress. This way, it prevents the potential transformation of normal cells to cancer cells. Studies suggest that this antioxidant is best absorbed when taken through foods that are heated than those that are raw.

2. May Promote Heart Health

Lycopene powder bulk is among the many carotenoid antioxidants in fruits and vegetables that promote heart health.

3. May Improve Brain Health

Lycopene powder may play a role in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s. Individuals with Alzheimer’s were found to have lower levels of serum lycopene. The antioxidant was found to attenuate oxidative damage (9).

4. May Enhance Vision

Lycopene may help reduce oxidative stress related to cataracts. In animal studies, rats fed with lycopene showed a visible improvement in cataracts.

5. May Strengthen Bones

In female rats, lycopene was found to promote bone mineral density. The antioxidant could fight oxidative stress and exert beneficial effects on bone health. Lycopene intake may facilitate bone formation and inhibit bone resorption.

6. Helps Heal Sunburn

Studies show that lycopene can offer protection against erythema (superficial reddening of the skin) induced by ultraviolet rays. Lycopene powder bulk is an antioxidant efficient in scavenging free radicals.

7. Can Relieve Pain

Lycopene was found to reduce neuropathic pain in the case of peripheral nerve injury. It achieved this by reversing the functioning of tumor necrosis factor, which is a substance in the human body that triggers inflammation.

8. May Treat Infertility

Lycopene powder bulk was found to boost sperm count by as much as 70%. The antioxidant properties of lycopene may help boost sperm quality. Since the compound also cuts the risk of cancer of the prostate, it can further promote reproductive health (as the prostate gland makes seminal fluid).

9. Can Promote Skin Health

Lycopene powder is among the class of antioxidants that are known for their photoprotective properties. It (along with beta-carotene) is the dominating carotenoid in the human tissue and helps modulate skin properties.

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Lycopene Powder Bulk Uses:

1.Tomato fruit powder is mainly used in health foods, such as products to prevent ultraviolet burns, skin protection products, anti-aging products, carotenoid complex products, products to prevent prostate cancer, etc.

2.Tomato powder organic is also widely used in food seasonings

3.Tomato powder lycopene is used in beverage production

The Lycopene Powder Bulk Supplier

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