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Freeze Dried Passion Fruit Powder

Freeze Dried Passion Fruit Powder

English name:Freeze Dried Passion Fruit Powder
Latin Name:Passiflora incarnata L.
Part Used:Passion Fruit, Passion Flower
Testing Method: UV, TLC
Appearance: Yellow Brown Fine powder
Specification : 4:1. 10:1, 20:1, Juice Powder, Fruit Powder, Concentrate Juice Powder
Shelf Life: two years
Safety: Innocuous
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What is Freeze Dried Passion Fruit Powder?

Freeze-Dried Passion Fruit Powder are processed using a refrigerated drum drier, which retains the natural color, flavor, nutritional value and particle size of the fresh fruit. Whole fruits are then powdered retaining all the intense flavor of the fruit.

These dried passion fruit powder can used in combination with sugar to produce a perfectly colored coating for fruit jellies and in sauces were a boost of flavor without the addition of liquid is necessary. They are useful in candy fillings, desserts, breakfast cereals, yogurt flavoring and in any application where a fresh fruit flavor is desired. These organic fruits are processed to retain as much of their natural goodness as possible.

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Basic Information:

Product typePassion fruit powder
AppearanceBrown to brown yellow powder(Relate to Purity)
Paiticle sizePass 80 mesh
Loss on drying≤5%
Heavy metals<10ppm
Total Plate Count<10000cfu/g or <1000cfu/g(Irradiation)
Yeast & Mold<300cfu/g or 100cfu/g(Irradiation)

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Freeze Dried Passion Fruit Powder Benefits


Freeze dried passion fruit powder is loaded with fiber, antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals that the human body requires or benefits from. Passion fruit contains vitamins A and C, riboflavin, niacin, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, copper, fiber, and protein. The percentages of vitamins and nutrients present in passion fruit are surprisingly high compared to other sources, making passion fruit a worthwhile addition to any diet.


The antioxidants found in passion fruit are primarily touted because they have the ability to eliminate free radicals in the body. You’ve likely heard of free radicals because of their notorious ability to mutate healthy cells into cancerous cells.


Fiber is an essential component of a healthy diet, and foods that contain high amounts of dietary fiber (such as dried passion fruit powder) should be consumed regularly to keep your fiber count up high. This is because fiber keeps the stomach healthy and working hard to keep your digestive system functioning properly, preventing constipation and bowel disorders.


A 2017 study revealed that a compound called piceatannol, which is present in passion fruit, could be a natural way to lower a person’s insulin sensitivity. Further research may show that this special compound reduces the risk of many dangerous diseases, including diabetes.


Freeze dried passion fruit powder is rich in vitamin A, which plays an important role in eye health, including the prevention of macular degeneration, cataracts, and night blindness.


Low in sodium and high in potassium, passion fruit is a no brainer for those of us who experience poor heart health. If you fall into this group, be sure to consume your passion fruit whole—seeds and all.

Dried passion fruit powder are high in fiber, which makes them valuable in removing cholesterol from the inside of blood vessels. As you likely know from chats with your doctor, lowered cholesterol can reduce a person’s risk of heart disease. Diets low in sodium and high in potassium are also known to help reduce blood pressure.


Because it’s rich in magnesium, a mineral known to decrease anxiety, consuming passion fruit can actually help to calm your nerves. Passion fruit also contains an alkaloid called harman, which is believed to have sedative and soothing properties.

Eating passion fruit reduces cortisol levels due to its ability to alleviate stress and anxiety. Passion flower can help improve your body’s ability to respond to stress, and can help reduce the body’s attempts to accumulate and store fat. If all that isn’t enough to convince you, consider that compounds in passion flower have been shown to sedate the body’s central nervous system, a benefit that’s complemented perfectly by the fruit’s ability to relax the body’s muscles and lower blood pressure.


The immune-boosting properties of dried passion fruit powder are due to the vitamin C, carotene, and cryptoxanthin it contains. Vitamin C works to stimulate the activity of white blood cells as well as the rest of the immune system, protecting your body from common illnesses and serious illness simultaneously.


Any fruit or vegetable that has a high level of antioxidants in it is a great food to add to a cancer-fighting diet. Antioxidants kill the free radicals that mutate healthy cells into cancerous cells. Passion fruit also contains vitamin C, flavonoids, and phenolic compounds, all three of which have been proven to come along with cancer-fighting properties.


One naturally occurring compound that can be found in freeze dried passion fruit powder is harman, which works as a sedative. When harman is ingested in large amounts, it can reduce restlessness and calm anxiety, two symptoms that can contribute to keeping you from getting a decent night’s sleep.


The Nutritional Research journal conducted a study that showed how certain extracts from purple passion fruit peel contain a mix of bioflavonoids that has a soothing effect on the respiratory system. The mixture they tested worked as an expectorant and sedative, and it had a positive effect against asthma, wheezing, and whooping cough.


Iron, copper, magnesium, and phosphorus are all found in passion fruit, making it a rich source of the minerals that are important to bone health. These minerals play a vital role in increasing bone mineral density as well as increasing bone strength. The minerals contained in passion fruit help your bones create new bone material, strengthen existing bone material, and speed up the process of recovery and repair your body uses to heal when injuries occur.

Freeze Dried Passion Fruit Powder uses:

1. Can reduce the blood sugar & blood sugar level.

2. Can antianxiety ,treating insomnia, Anti spastic.

3. Can used as a sedative and hypnotic drugs

4. Can treat nervous tension, insomnia, hysteria, diarrhea, dysentery, neuralgia.

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