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Freeze-Dried Lemon Slices

Freeze-Dried Lemon Slices

Product Name:Freeze Dried Lemon Slices
Thickness: 0.5 cm
Ingredients:100% Lemon,No-preservatives,No -additives,No-sugar
Advantage: bulk stock in USA warehouse;

What is Freeze-Dried Lemon Slices?

Freeze-dried lemon slices are a kind of food that uses vacuum freeze-drying technology, referred to as "freeze-dried". The unique color, fragrance, taste, shape and various biologically active nutrients of the lemon fresh fruit are best maintained, and the fragrance is the same as that of the freshly cut fresh fruit.

【LARGE LEMON SLICES】When making freeze dried lemon slices, we only select the middle part of the lemon fruit, which is bigger and fuller.

🍋【MACHINE DRYING】Compared with natural sunlight drying, machine drying is cleaner. The lemon slice made by this method does not contain dust and other impurities.

🍋【RICH LEMON AROMA】We use good quality lemons. This lemon has a strong aroma and full fruit. It is the best choice for making dried lemon slices.

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Basic Information:

Drying ProcessAD
Preservation ProcessWater
Cultivation TypeCOMMON
Max. Moisture (%)5%
Weight (kg)1
Shelf Life24 months

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Freeze-Dried Lemon Slices Benefits:

1. High VC content, VC can prevent and restore melanin, achieve whitening and beautifying effects, enhance body immunity, have a very good effect on oral cavity inflammation and prevent colds, and can also prevent many diseases. It is very suitable for everyone to drink for a long time.

2. Freeze-dried lemon slices contain precious limonin, which has anti-cancer effect.

3. Freeze dried lemon slices has a good effect of degreasing, soak a cup of lemon tea in a bowl with an oil layer on the wall of the bowl, and pour it in half an hour later, you will find that the wall of the bowl soaked in lemonade is very clean, and the water can be evenly hung in the bowl. One layer on the surface. Wait, there are many household degreasing methods. This is also the proof of why it has a slimming effect.

4. Intestinal cleansing and detoxification effect: A cup of light lemon tea on an empty stomach every morning can effectively cleanse the stomach and detox! This is a very good habit, persist for many years, and have a healthy body from then on.

5. Soak your face with lemon tea, freeze dried lemon slices in water at night, wash your face with lemon water, it has a very good skin whitening effect.

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Drinking method

Take one or two slices into the cup, add sugar to suit your taste, and brew in warm water (the most suitable temperature is 40-60 degrees Celsius) for two to three minutes. In case of color changes, it will not affect the consumption. It is said that lemon is a woman's fruit. A lemon can make a woman beautiful from head to toe-whitening, weight loss, freckles, tooth beautification, body beautification, hairdressing, wrinkle removal...

Freeze-Dried Lemon Slices Supplier

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Why Choose Undersun Freeze-Dried Lemon Slices?

Undersun specialize in freeze dried lemon slices for several years, we supply products with competitive price, and our product is of the highest quality and undergoes strict, independent testing to ensure that it is safe for consumption around the world.

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