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Dried Dragonfruit

Dried Dragonfruit

Product name:Freeze Dried Dragon Fruit
Ingredient:Fresh pitaya
Size:5~7 mm/piece,5*5mm/cube,60-80 mesh/powder
Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;
Packing :25kgs/drum or 1kg/bag;
Stock in LA USA warehouse;

What is Dried Dragonfruit?

Dried Dragonfruit is a mildly sweet, red-skinned fruit with red flesh. Its texture is similar to that of a kiwi because it contains many small black seeds. The fruit belongs to the cactus family and is primarily cultivated in Southeast Asia. It is also known as a pitaya or pitahaya, although it is commonly referred to as “freeze dried dragonfruit” in English due to its distinctive look.

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Basic Information:

Product nameFreeze-dried dragon fruit
Material100% fresh dragon fruit
TasteNatural Sweet Freeze Dried dragon fruit
Packing10kg/ Aluminum Foil Bag,5kg/carton
StorageDry Cool Place

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Dried Dragonfruit Benefits:

1. Aids weight loss

If you are watching your waistline and trying hard to reduce your calorie intake, adding dragon fruit in your diet can help you achieve fitness goals related to your weight. While there is no superfood that quickly melts off fat and gives you a slimmer-looking appearance, dragon fruit is low in calories and sugar, which you can eat as a snack, in-between meals.

Dried dragonfruit will keep you full and make you feel satiated for longer duration, preventing the urge to eat more. When you are satisfied, you will take in fewer calories. This fruit is also packed with fiber which boosts metabolism and is beneficial to your weight loss efforts.

2. Helps ward off anemia during pregnancy 

Dragon fruit prevents anemia during pregnancy

There is a link between anaemia during pregnancy and premature labor, infant mortality, low birth weight, and miscarriages. Women are prone to developing anaemia during pregnancy, which is caused due to iron deficiency.

A common treatment of anaemia is to consume iron tablets suggested and advised by doctors. However, iron tablets can cause severe side effects like heartburn, constipation etc. Substituting iron supplements with freeze dried dragonfruit can be a healthier option minus the side effects as it’s rich source of Vitamin C too (9% of RDI) for better absorption of Iron.

In a study published in the Belitung Nursing Journal, it was stated that dragon fruit increased the erythrocyte and hemoglobin level in a pregnant woman on the seventh day of the intervention. Since dragon fruit is rich in iron, researchers believe that raw dragon fruit juice could be an alternative treatment option for anemia during pregnancy. However, you must consult your primary physician before taking dragon fruit if you are pregnant.

3. Prevents inflammation 

If you are suffering from chronic pain from conditions like arthritis, doctors suggest that you should eat dragon fruit. Dragon fruit has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve you from severe pain in the joints and muscles.

The antioxidants present in dragon fruit work by neutralizing free radicals and reducing inflammation. People with rheumatoid arthritis are advised by the doctors to include dragon fruit in their daily diet. The anti-inflammatory properties of the fruit might provide relief from tenderness and inflammation.

According to health experts, dragon fruit can function as a natural painkiller for chronic pain symptoms. Even if it doesn’t eliminate your suffering completely, it might reduce the severity of the inflammation, allowing you to enjoy a better quality of life.

4. Improves skin health 

Dragon fruit could do miracles for your skin that your skincare products cannot. Dragon fruit has vitamin C in abundance that is extremely important for skin health. Eating freeze dried dragonfruit might help reduce acne, treat dry skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and eliminate age spots. Dragon fruit also has other nutrients like Vitamin B3 that treats sunburns and also prevents premature ageing.

The antioxidant properties of dragon fruit can help flush out dirt from your skin and clean out pores, allowing your skin to breathe and glow. The best part, the vitamins and minerals in dragon fruit can help repair the damaged skin cells, which could result in a more youthful appearance.

5. Helps in lowering blood sugar levels

Doctors advise people with type-2 diabetes to include dragon fruit in their diet as it can help them normalize their blood sugar levels, allowing them to stay fuller for longer and lose weight. Dragon fruit is thus responsible for maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. Thus, lowering the risk of several chronic diseases.

You must keep your blood sugar levels in check and eat healthy foods to keep them normalized. One of the symptoms of type-2 diabetes is feeling hungry, even after eating. As discussed earlier, eating freeze dried dragonfruit can help you feel full while helping you manage your sugar levels.

6. Boasts cancer-prevention properties 

Dried dragonfruit is a rich source of vitamin C, which acts as a great antioxidant. The immune-boosting ability of vitamin C can help prevent cancer. Lycopene, an antioxidant found in dragon fruit, helps reduce cancer-causing free radicals in the body.

According to some studies, dragon fruit extract may play a vital role in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. The Bioactive compounds present in dragon fruit can change specific carcinogenic processes that include cancer metabolism. However, more research and studies have to be conducted for determining the role of dragon fruit extract in treating cancer. Overall, eating it can help keep your immune system strong that may ward off many diseases.

7. Aids digestion 

One of the biggest health benefits of dragon fruit is that it can promote your gut health, followed by healthy digestion. Dragon fruit is high in fiber content that helps in stimulating proper and healthy digestion.

Per hundred grams of dragon fruit contains about 2.5 grams of fiber, which is 11% of the daily value (DV). Including dragon fruit in your diet will take care of your required daily fiber intake and will contribute to bowel regularity. With that said, it can treat and prevent constipation and other digestive health conditions.

8. Supports your immune system 

Dragon fruit is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can protect your immune system from a variety of illnesses, which can include infections, flu, and common cold as well. The antibacterial properties present in dragon fruit backs up the white blood cells and helps to fight infections and other pathogens.

Dragon fruit contains vitamin C in abundance that gives the immune system a boost, enhancing its ability to defend your body against foreign invaders like bacteria and germs, and free radicals. Free radicals can cause cell damage if not removed and eating dragon fruit can help remove free radicals from the body.

9. Helps improve cardiovascular health 

One of the biggest reasons why dragon fruit is populOne of the biggest reasons why dried dragonfruit is popular among people is that it helps in improving cardiovascular health in people. This means that eating dragon fruit can possibly reduce the risks of stroke and heart attack.

The seeds of the fruit provide the body with necessary omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential for cardiovascular health. It keeps the arteries clean, allowing the blood to flow to and from the heart properly.

dragon fruit extract application


Dragon fruit freeze dried powder is mainly used in superfood, food, and drinks.

1.Organic dragon fruit powder can be used as raw material to add in wine,fruit juice, bread, cake, cookies, candy and other foods;

2. It can be used as food additives, not only improve the color,fragrance and taste, but improve the nutritional value of food;

3. It can be used as raw material to reprocess, the specific products contain medicinal ingredients, through the biochemical pathway we can get desirable valuable byproducts.

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